Thursday, August 22, 2013

North Woods Law/ Maine Day

The Sea Dogs recently hosted North Woods Law Day and Maine Day.  We love watching North Woods Law on TV, so we were really hoping to get tickets for this game.  For those of you not familiar with the show, it is a reality series on Animal Planet that follows the Maine Game Wardens. 

Kaitlyn before the game in the free sunglasses one of the local banks was handing out in front of the stadium.

Imported Photos 04659

Meeting with some of the wardens before the game…Imported Photos 04661Imported Photos 04662

Kaitlyn and Warden LaFlamme.Imported Photos 04666

Kaitlyn and Warden McCabeImported Photos 04673

Kaitlyn showing off her Game Warden “badge”.Imported Photos 04664

For the “Maine Day” portion of the game, the concession stands were offering Maine food that they don’t usually carry.  I had a lobster roll for dinner.Imported Photos 04663

Kevin had some Moxie.  I guess I am now a true Mainer as I finally tried some too.Imported Photos 04665

The Game Wardens Color Guard…Imported Photos 04669

Warden McCabe getting ready to throw out the first pitch.Imported Photos 04670Imported Photos 04671Imported Photos 04672

When Slugger the Sea Dog arrived on his little tractor in the bottom of the first, he got an unexpected surprise.  Warden Curtis pulled him over, frisked him, and “arrested” him.  So cute!

And the Maine food continues…  Kaitlyn loves her whoopie pies!Imported Photos 04674

By the end of the night, we’d gotten almost everyone’s autograph.  We are really looking forward to the show coming back in the fall.  Their film crew was at the game, so we will have to see if we make the show!Imported Photos 04675

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