Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


Sorry it’s been awhile since my last blog post  We’ve been super busy.  I did want to get the Easter pictures up at least, but I will do a catch-up blog post in a week or two…

We started our Easter celebrations yesterday, when Kaitlyn helped make some cupcakes for after Easter dinner…Imported Photos 01656 Imported Photos 01658 Imported Photos 01664

Then Kaitlyn colored eggs for the first time.  She enjoyed drawing on them with the “magic crayon”  before putting them in dye.  And yes, that is a garbage bag that I made her wear :)Imported Photos 01665Imported Photos 01668 Imported Photos 01667Imported Photos 01673 Imported Photos 01674 Imported Photos 01677Imported Photos 01676

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came while we were at church…Imported Photos 01678

Checking out the basket for the first time…Imported Photos 01680 Imported Photos 01681

She is my daughter!  Went straight for the chocolate…Imported Photos 01682

Showing Daddy her chocolate bunny…Imported Photos 01687 

Went for the bubbles next…Imported Photos 01683

She kept putting on the bunny ears, jumping up and down, saying “hop, hop, hop”…Imported Photos 01684 Imported Photos 01685


While it was in the 60s, it was kind of drizzly when it was time to hunt Easter eggs, so we went to Plan B and hid them in Kaitlyn’s room…Imported Photos 01690 Imported Photos 01691 Imported Photos 01692 Imported Photos 01693 Imported Photos 01694 Imported Photos 01695 Imported Photos 01696 Imported Photos 01697 

Finally, when all that was done, we converted Kaitlyn’s crib into a big girl bed.  Bedtime should be interesting tonight!Imported Photos 01698