Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Videos

As promised, here are the videos from Kaitlyn’s birthday. 

Opeing Presents 1


Opening Presents 2


Seeing the Cake for the First Time


Blowing Out the Candle

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!


Kaitlyn’s birthday festivities started off when she brought cupcakes into daycare on Thursday.  Off course, she also woke me up at 5 AM that morning to tell me she wanted to go to school and eat her flower…Imported Photos 02615 Imported Photos 02616

This morning we took Kaitlyn to the Children’s Museum.  She was a little unsure at first, but then she had a blast running around.

Steering the lobster boat…Imported Photos 02559 Imported Photos 02560

Driving the tractor… Imported Photos 02561 Imported Photos 02562

Looking 13 years into the future…Imported Photos 02566

My future firefighter…Imported Photos 02568Imported Photos 02571Imported Photos 02573 Imported Photos 02574 Imported Photos 02576Imported Photos 02577

Playing in the water table… Imported Photos 02579 Imported Photos 02580

Playing at the Ranger Station…Imported Photos 02581

Dr.  Dickinson, DVMImported Photos 02584 Imported Photos 02585

Afterwards, we went to Bugaboo Creek for dinner.  Kaitlyn loved the “animals” as usual.  However, she was very upset that the stuffed buffalo wasn’t saying “happy birthday” to her whenever it talked.  She wasn’t sure what to do when the staff came over to sing to her.Imported Photos 02588 Imported Photos 02590

The birthday girl is supposed to kiss the moose, but Kaitlyn wouldn’t even touch it…Imported Photos 02591

Afterwards we went home and opened presents.  Imported Photos 02593 Imported Photos 02594 Imported Photos 02595 Imported Photos 02596 Imported Photos 02597 Imported Photos 02598 

For the past month Kaitlyn has been telling me that she wanted a Scooby cake.  So, I spent a couple of hours last night making her wish come true…  Imported Photos 02558

This is right after Kaitlyn saw the cake for the first time…Imported Photos 02601Imported Photos 02604

Trying to blow out the candle…   Imported Photos 02605

My favorite part of the night was when Kaitlyn told me the cake was yummy and she loved her cake.  It made the four hours I spent on it totally worth it!Imported Photos 02606 Imported Photos 02607 Imported Photos 02608  

Afterwards we went to Mammy’s house to open one last present… Imported Photos 02614

So, that’s all the pictures.  I have a couple of videos to post as well, but those take forever and a day to upload.  I will try to get to it later this weekend or coming week.  Hope everyone else had a great day too! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caribou/ Presque Isle

We recently returned from a short trip to Caribou to visit with Great Grammy and Aunt Cassandra.  While we were there, we also hit up the corn maze and Kaitlyn and Kevin went swimming.

It’s amazing the difference two years makes!  In the first picture Kaitlyn was 10 months old and just starting to stand up on her own…Kaitlyn (10 months)Imported Photos 02531

Jumping around in the hotel room… Imported Photos 02532

Swimming in the hotel pool…  Imported Photos 02537

Putting out the “fire” with her “fire hose”…Imported Photos 02538Still putting out the fire… Imported Photos 02539

Grammy, Great Grammy, Kevin, and KaitlynImported Photos 02546

The  theme of this year’s corn maze was the University of Maine.  It was cut into the shape of the mascot: the black bear.  Imported Photos 02540 Imported Photos 02541  Imported Photos 02543

Kaitlyn found one of the “school supplies” hidden in the maze…Imported Photos 02544

Made it out without having to call 9-1-1 (If you didn’t see the news story on the people lost in the corn maze, Google it)…Imported Photos 02545