Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

This morning, we headed into Portland for the parade.Imported Photos 01744

The Portland PD Color GuardImported Photos 01745

Portland PD command staff (our good friend, Bruce, is in the last row on the far end)…Imported Photos 01746

Slugger the Sea Dog is the mascot of Portland’s AA baseball team.  Kaitlyn has been talking about seeing Slugger and him waving all day.Imported Photos 01748

Engine 5 and Ladder 6 is behind itImported Photos 01750

After the Parade, we went over to the Police Department.  They were having a ceremony to unveil the memorial plaque for the Portland Police Officers that have died while on duty.Imported Photos 01754Imported Photos 01755

Then we headed to Fort Williams and the Portland Head Light    Imported Photos 01758 Imported Photos 01761 Imported Photos 01762Imported Photos 01763

Before dinner, Kaitlyn got to spend some time on the playgroundImported Photos 01765 Imported Photos 01764

For dinner, we had the traditional hamburgers and egg and potato salad.  I also made an angel food cake with whipped cream and berries. Imported Photos 01743

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First (and Hopefully Last) Stitches

So, as many of you have probably heard, Kaitlyn fell while on the playground yesterday.  We took her to First Care which is usually the faster and cheaper alternative to the ER.  They told us she did need stitches, but they only do stitches on adults and sent us off to the ER.

Kaitlyn did awesome!  She screamed bloody murder when the wrapped her arms behind her back and swaddled her in a blanket, but she never did like being swaddled.  Even as a newborn she would cry and kick until she got that blanket off.  As soon as she was settled down on the bed though, she stopped crying and stopped moving.  The doctor and nurses were very impressed.  They said she was a rock star and would probably be a boxer when she grew up.  I told them all about her hockey obsession and they said that seems to fit her personality.  She ended up with two dissolving stitches inside her mouth and one on the outside.  We are supposed to go to her pediatrician Tuesday or Wednesday to have the outside stitch removed early for cosmetic reasons.  When she was done, she got a little bear to take home. 

Today, she is doing great.  She has a huge fat lip, but other than a lot of drool she isn’t letting it faze her at all.  And of course she’s getting ice cream.

Hopefully, this is her only set of stitches, but I have a feeling this is practice for future hockey injuries.   I’m sure she is going to hate me in a few years for these pictures…

 Imported Photos 01739 Imported Photos 01740 Imported Photos 01741

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catch Up Post

As promised, here is a catch-up on what we’ve been up to while I’ve been a slacker about posting…

Kaitlyn had fun playing in the snow.  Hey, we can only use those beach toys about three months out of the year.  We’ve got to find another use for them up here!Kaitlyn (2 years old) Kaitlyn (2 years old) Kaitlyn (2 years old)


We went to the Mall and saw the World’s Largest Whoopie Pie.  Maine wanted to make the Whoopie Pie the official dessert, which apparently made Pennsylvania mad.  They claim that the Whoopie Pie originated there and are claiming it for their own.  So, one of the local radio stations teamed up with a company that manufactures Whoopie Pies to make the World’s Largest Whoopie Pie.  Afterwards, they cut it up and for a donation, you could get your own piece of the pie.  The proceeds were used to send Whoopie Pies to Maine troops stationed overseas.  The final product ended up being 1200 pounds! World's Largest Whoopi Pie  World's Largest Whoopi Pie World's Largest Whoopi Pie Kaitlyn (2 years old) eating our slice of the World's Largest Whoopi Pie

And of course, what post would be complete without hockey?  Kaitlyn and I skated with the team after one of the games.  Unfortunately, the Pirates lost in the second round of the playoffs, so we are done for the season.  GO BRUINS!!!Cyndi and Kaitlyn (2 years old) at Skate With the Team Cyndi and Kaitlyn (2 years old) at Skate With the Team


Finally, here are the pictures from our trip to Florida for Robert’s graduation…Kailtyn (2 years), Opa, and Oma at Robert's Graduation from UWF Uncle Robert, Oma, Kaitlyn (2 years) and Cyndi at Robert's graduation from UWF Opa, Kaitlyn (2 years), Uncle Robert, and Oma at Robert's graduation from UWF Kaitlyn (2 years), Uncle Robert, Oma, and Cyndi at Robert's graduation from UWF  Oma and Opa at Robert's graduation from UWF Oma and Kaitlyn (2 years old) at Uncle Mike's beach house in Destin, FL Cyndi, Kaitlyn (2 years old), and Uncle Mike at Uncle Mike's beach house in Destin, FL Cyndi and Kaitlyn (2 years) at the beach in Destin, Florida Cyndi and Kaitlyn (2 years) at the beach in Destin, Florida Opa and Kaitlyn (2 years) Uncle Robert and Kaitlyn (2 years) Kaitlyn (2 years old) in Florida Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Opa, and Kaitlyn (2 years old) in Destin, Florida Kaitlyn (2 years old) on plane from Atlanta to Portland Kaitlyn (2 years old) on plane from Portland to Atlanta

And that’s all…  it’s time for the Amazing Race!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

For Mother’s Day, we went to dinner at Bugaboo Creek and then had ice cream from Len Libby’s… home of the life-size chocolate moose :)

 Imported Photos 01726 Imported Photos 01727 Imported Photos 01731 Imported Photos 01735 Imported Photos 01736 Imported Photos 01738