Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We started off Easter morning by going to Mass.  While we were there, the Easter Bunny left a little something for Kaitlyn… Imported Photos 00843

Imported Photos 00849 Imported Photos 00844 Imported Photos 00845 Imported Photos 00846  Imported Photos 00848

Later that afternoon, we went to the Pirates game.  Kaitlyn hit up one of our “Pirates friends” for french fries…

Imported Photos 00850 Imported Photos 00853

Our Pirates friends who sit across the aisle for us, were also nice enough to put together a big Easter basket for Kaitlyn.  She also met the Easter Bunny at the game.  She was a little wary of him up close, so we didn’t get any pictures this year.  She wouldn’t even take any candy out of his basket.

Kevin joked that the Pirates lost because Kaitlyn wasn’t wearing her trademark pigtails.  We have to make sure that isn’t the case, so she’ll definitely be wearing them on Saturday!