Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Kaitlyn Pictures!

We recently signed Kaitlyn up for a tap/ ballet class that starts in the Fall.  So, to get in the spirit she tried on my old ballet costume.  I kind of wish I had the pictures of me in it here, so we could compare them side by side!

Imported Photos 03228 Imported Photos 03226 Imported Photos 03227

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, Kaitlyn got to take the class teddy bear home.  We were supposed to bring Teddy on our activities and take pictures.  When she went back into class she brought some of  the pictures with her to talk about her weekend with Teddy.

Daddy worked the first half of the weekend.  So we stopped by to bring him dinner.  Dispatch was busy and Teddy was being very loud, so instead of going upstairs we took a picture with the police car instead.

Imported Photos 03204

We went to Portland’s Memorial Day parade.  Kaitlyn and Teddy were very excited for the parade to start.Imported Photos 03205Imported Photos 03206t.Imported Photos 03207  Imported Photos 03208Imported Photos 03210  Imported Photos 03209

Some of Kaitlyn and Teddy’s  favorite things from the parade…  First up, Slugger the Sea Dog (the mascot from our AA baseball team, the Portland Sea Dogs)Imported Photos 03212

The Portland Fire Department…  Imported Photos 03214 Imported Photos 03215 Imported Photos 03216

After the parade we met up with Grammy and Grampy…  Imported Photos 03218

Hitching a ride with Grampy…Imported Photos 03220 

Teddy and Kaitlyn are great shopping helpers… Imported Photos 03223  Imported Photos 03225 

  Worn out after a fun weekend! Imported Photos 03222

Next up… the Old Port Festival next weekend and a visit from Oma, Opa, and Uncle Robert in a couple of weeks!  We can’t wait!!!