Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zoo Trip

I’m catching up on my posts while Kaitlyn is still napping, so you get two posts today!  Yesterday we drove down to York, Maine and went to York’s Wild Kingdom and Amusement Park.  It was the first time for all of us and we had a lot of fun.  We decided to skip the Amusement Park since Kaitlyn is still to small for pretty much everything except the carousel and just visited the zoo instead.  Kaitlyn loved running around and feeding some of the animals…

Kaitlyn checking out one of the monkeys…100_0576


Petting a goat with daddy…100_0580

I’m still not sure if this guy was alive or not…100_0583

Kaitlyn doing her happy dance after seeing the duck…100_0584

I’m not sure who’s feeding who here…100_0587 

Kaitlyn trying to join the ducks in the aviary…100_0589

Hanging out with Mommy…100_0595

My baby petting the baby goats… (and yes, Mom, we Purelled our hands when we were done)…100_0614 100_0611

Getting brave and going after the bigger ones… 100_0613 100_0601

Finally, checking out the ostrich with Mommy…100_0616


Last weekend, we headed up to Caribou for a quick visit.  On the way, we discovered that Kaitlyn is a true New England girl…  She LOVES the song Sweet Caroline.  She was dancing to it so vigorously that her head was bouncing off the sides of the car seat!  She also claps and cheers at the beginning and end of the song. 

While we were up north, they were celebrating the Potato Blossom Festival.  As a “city” girl, I will admit that before Kevin, I knew nothing about potatoes other than you buy them at the grocery store and they are really good mashed!  In case anyone else out there is as ignorant as I am, when potatoes are ripe, the plant actually has little white flowers on it that bloom…


Saturday morning, we headed over to Fort Fairfield for the parade.  They also had some craft booths and food booths.  We  had some really yummy red hot dogs and I managed to resist the Elephant Ears (Note to our Southern readers:  hot dogs do come in a bright red variety, not just the brown “Ballpark” type that we are used to…)  (Note to our Northern readers: Elephant Ears are what you people refer to as “fried dough”).  Anyway, here’s a couple of parade pictures…

Kaitlyn is literally running in circles around Kevin while waiting for the parade to start…100_0480  

An out-of-energy (for the moment anyway) Kaitlyn waiting for the parade with me…



How many times can you say you’ve seen a couple of beauty queens sitting on a pile of potatoes?…100_0505


And of course, since this is the Potato Blossom Festival there has to be farm equipment!  Let me just point out that the tires on this thing were taller than me!


After lunch, we headed back to the hotel and took Kaitlyn swimming in a pool for the first time.  Let’s just say we have a real water baby on our hands…

 100_0537 100_0539 100_0544

Then we went out to dinner and for ice cream with Grampy, Grammy, and Aunt Cassandra.  And Aunt Cassandra visited in our hotel room right before bed…


Sunday, we went back in the pool…

100_0554 100_0549

which tired Kaitlyn out…


Then we visited with family some more…

Kaitlyn mooched some apple sauce off Grampy at lunch….


We visited with Great Grammy…


And had lots of fun playing with her toys…

100_0565 100_0564

Finally, we said goodbye to Grammy at work…

100_0573  And then headed for home…

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach… 100_0446 100_0448 100_0450 100_0452


Sunday we watched the fireworks in Portland.  Kaitlyn waited very patiently in the car for them to start…100_0459Watching the fireworks with Daddy…100_0466 

Monday we went back to the beach and had a picnic dinner.100_0467  100_0469 100_0470 100_0471

Kaitlyn watched Kevin rinse off his feet and decided she could do it on her own too…100_0473