Saturday, December 21, 2013

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We’ve been really busy leading up to Christmas this year!  We started off the Christmas Season with arts and crafts at our church again this year.

Kaitlyn started out making a Christmas Card…PB240156

Then moved on to cookie decorating…PB240157

And ornament making…PB240158PB240161

And coloring…PB240164

Then it was time for a snack…PB240162

While I finished up our advent wreath…PB240165

I helped Kaitlyn make a Rudolph and a Christmas tree out of pine cones, since Kevin claimed both were beyond his craft skills.PB240166PB240167

Now that Kaitlyn is getting older she enjoys being able to help decorate the tree.PC010168PC010169

Of course we love going to Holidays at Hadlock.  This year they had a reindeer petting area!PC070184PC070185PC070186

Mmmm.  Roasting marshmallows for s’mores!PC070188PC070189

Taking a horse and carriage ride around the warm-up track was pretty cool!PC070190PC070192PC070197PC070199

Kaitlyn had a lot of fun at the Police Department’s family Christmas party.  She decorated cookies, made an ornament, and sat on Santa’s lap for a picture and a present.PC080200PC080201PC080202

Opening her present from Santa…PC080203

Kaitlyn LOVED her present.PC080204

This past Thursday was Kaitlyn’s Christmas Concert at school.  PC190205PC190206

Pre-K and Kindergarten sang "’Must be Santa’ and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town’.  The only problem with being taller than everyone in your class and most of the Kindergarten class is you get relegated to the back row.  PC190207PC190208



This past Friday, Kaitlyn slept over at Mammy’s house while Kevin and I headed off to Inn by the Sea to enjoy the free stay that I won.  Kaitlyn had fun making a gingerbread train and wearing out Mammy.  Kevin and I enjoyed an ocean-view room with a gas fireplace.  The Sea Glass Restaurant’s food was amazing.  It was sooo nice having great food without bending over to pick up crayons or answer the same question five times in a row. 

I did miss my baby girl though and I am looking forward to making a gingerbread house with her this weekend and if we keep our power through out the ice storm we will be baking cookies for Santa as well!