Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Just a few quick things to share that Kaitlyn is very proud of...

Every week Kaitlyn gets a list of spelling words and two "challenge" words which are extra credit.  A perfect score, including the challenge words is a 100++.  Last week was a review week.  The kids got to pick the words off of previous lists.  However, anyone who had perfect scores on all the tests so far didn't have to take the review test.  Instead, they got play time on the I-pads.  Kaitlyn was so excited to be one of only two kids that had all perfect tests.  This really was no small feat... some of her challenge words included deciduous and chrysalis.  Not gonna lie... I had to look up the definition of chrysalis!  She was so excited about this, she told me at least 3 times a day all week that she didn't have to take the test and was going to play on the I-pad!

Kaitlyn was also proud today when she got her ribbon and found out the results of her last cross country meet.  She had a new personal record...  1/2 mile in 5 minutes, 7 seconds! She shaved off 10 seconds from her previous best!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Columbus Day Weekend and Other Fall Fun

We took our annual Columbus Day Weekend trip to Presque Isle.  We really enjoyed spending time with family.  Kailyn was so exited to have Aunt Cassandra sleep over at the hotel with us one night.  We learned Kaitlyn takes after Mommy and is a total blanket hog. When we teased her about it, she said she was not a blanket hog... she had the blanket and Aunt Cassandra had the sheet! 

Of course we love doing the corn maze every year.  This year northern Maine got a ton of rain and the corn stalks were impressively tall. It was also very warm this year... 70 degrees!  Kenzie thought it was hilarious every time the wind blew the corn stalks.  She was fascinated by the corn. 

As many of you know, Kaitlyn ran cross country this year.  It has always been for the older grades, but this year the running club that organizes it opened it up to grades 1-5 as well.  1st and 2nd graders run 1/2 mile, 3rd and 4th graders ran 3/4 mile, and 5th graders ran 1 mile.  The kids practiced during lunch recess 2 days a week and then had 4 meets after school  at parks and other locations in neighboring towns.  Kaitlyn did great.  She was always one of the last kids in, but she kept going and ran the whole course and finished every time.  All her times were between 5 and 6 minutes. 

This past Wednesday was her last meet and it was at the beach!  The kids loved it!  It was beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.  Disclaimer...  I ripped some of the pictures off the school website!

We are starting to hit peak foliage up here, so we took our leaf picture this morning.  Kenzie is a little snot and pretty much refuses to ever look at the camera.  At least I have one kid who will smile and look at me on command!