Saturday, June 29, 2013

Monsters University

Kaitlyn loved watching Monsters University so much, my little monster decided to enroll herself!IMG_20130623_163121_172

Father’s Day

For Father’s Day we had breakfast for dinner per Kevin’s request.  I made Belgian waffles from scratch with fruit and whipped cream and we had sides of hash potatoes and turkey bacon.  Very yummy!

Imported Photos 04599

Kaitlyn picked out Daddy’s card at the store all by herself.  We had been planning to make one until she spied this…Imported Photos 04601Imported Photos 04602Imported Photos 04603

We got the gift ideas from Pinterest.  Kaitlyn loved putting the paint on her foot!Imported Photos 04606

This idea also came from Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest)!  Some of Kaitlyn’s answers to the questions were pretty interesting.  I may have too do this every year and see how her answers change as she gets older!Imported Photos 04604Imported Photos 04605

Old Port Festival

We went to the Old Port Festival again this year.  This year the weather was beautiful:  partly cloudy and not too hot.  Kaitlyn enjoyed her corn dog, had fun on the rides (though she is definitely outgrowing some of them), and even got a new ‘hat’.


Imported Photos 04585Imported Photos 04587Imported Photos 04588Imported Photos 04589Imported Photos 04591Imported Photos 04594Imported Photos 04596Imported Photos 04597

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Portland Head Light

We headed over to Fort Williams Park and Portland Head Light for a picnic today after church.Imported Photos 04563Imported Photos 04564Imported Photos 04565Imported Photos 04566Imported Photos 04567Imported Photos 04568Imported Photos 04569Imported Photos 04570Imported Photos 04571Imported Photos 04572Imported Photos 04574Imported Photos 04576

My mom sent some more of my old clothes a couple of weeks ago.  In this batch was this apron.  Kaitlyn wore it while helping me bake banana bread tonight.Imported Photos 04578Imported Photos 04579Imported Photos 04580Imported Photos 04581Imported Photos 04582

Memorial Day

We were so excited to have nice weather for Memorial Day.  It had been rainy and chilly for almost a week. 

Waiting for Portland’s Memorial Day parade to start…Imported Photos 04537Imported Photos 04538Imported Photos 04539

The parade…Imported Photos 04540Imported Photos 04545Imported Photos 04543Imported Photos 04544Imported Photos 04542Imported Photos 04546

Kevin doing what he does best SmileImported Photos 04548Imported Photos 04549

Outdoor fun…Imported Photos 04547Imported Photos 04551Imported Photos 04550

Kaitlyn’s Last Day of Daycare

Kaitlyn was of course a little sad on her last day.  She is going to miss the school bunny, her friends, and of course her teachers.   We took a couple of pictures to help her.  We are also keeping in touch with Miss Mary and the parents of a couple of her close friends.

Kaitlyn and ChewyImported Photos 04526
Kaitlyn and Miss MaryImported Photos 04527
The last day was made a little easier by having something to look forward to that night.  Aunt Cassandra was in town and we took her and Grammy to a Sea Dogs game!  And of course we stayed to watch the post-game fireworks!Imported Photos 04528