Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our Kitten

Kevin and I took the day off to pick up our new fur-baby today.  He is now settling in nicely.  He's been all over the house smelling everything and everyone numerous times.  He even followed Cloudy all around the house for awhile.  He and Cloudy are easing into a friendship.  There have been a couple of low growls as they try to work out who is going to be top cat, but all in all this is one of the easiest new cat introductions we have had.

Kaitlyn had a blast playing with him and watching him flip his little body around.  She is very excited to go to school tomorrow and tell everyone that she helped name him.

Speaking of names, we had numerous suggestions from friends and family.  We came up with a front runner that was later suggested by a family member.  Then we had another suggestion come in that we loved as well.  We decided to present Kaitlyn with both choices tonight and let her make the final selection.  I'd like to congratulate a family member for presenting the winning bid (although the only thing you win is our gratitude for the name suggestion and bragging rights).  So congratulations...  Uncle Bill.  And welcome Frozen!