Monday, June 29, 2015

Whoopie Pie Festival

This weekend was the 6th annual Whoopie Pie Festival.  We had a ton of fun!  All of the proceeds go to charity.  For a $5 fee (for adults) you get 4 tokens for four free samples.  You can buy additional tokens for only 25 cents.  The vendors come from all over the state.  They will also sell their full-size whoopie pies for anywhere between $1 and $4.  We got smart after last years experience and brought a cooler.  We bought about 9 this year, which are now in our freezer, so we can ration them  throughout the year.

Some of the flavor’s we bought/ sampled this year were:  Key Lime, Watermelon, Thin Mint, Autumn Delight (Apple and Caramel flavored), Cherry, Chocolate Sea Salt, and a bunch more!  Kaitlyn liked the Thin Mint so much that she used the $2 she got from the tooth fairy the night before to buy her very own full-size one.

Ready to Sample!P6271456

Thin Mint Whoopie Pie!P6271458

Kenzie’s look of “you’re eating that, but you just fed me Gerber Turkey with Rice?”P6271455

Kenzie got to sample her first Whoopie Pie too…  Trying the chocolate cake first…P6271459P6271460P6271461

Then the cherry filling…P6271462

She loved it!  In fact, hours later she was still grabbing out fingers and trying to lick them, hahaha.P6271457

After the yummy samples, we headed down to the craft booths and bouncy houses/ kid activities.  Kaitlyn’s favorite was the “Boot Camp Challenge”P6271465P6271467P6271469

The pony ride was also a hit.P6271472P6271473P6271474P6271475P6271476 

That evening we had dinner at Sea Dog and took a walk along the river afterwards.  We also stopped to get a picture with the Paul Bunyan statue.P6271478P6271479P6271480P6271481We had hoped to make some kind of fun stop on Sunday, but the rain made that impossible.  Instead we took the long drive home and drove scenic route 1 home instead of taking the interstate. 

10 Months

Kenzie-bug is now 10 months old.  She hates sitting up on her own.  We have to spend time holding her in the sitting position.  She is very close to crawling.  And if we stand her up against the coffee table and then gently remove  our hands, she will stay standing on her own for a bit.  We are still waiting on that first tooth, but it feels like it is just under her gum line. 



On the last day of school, the students attend a final morning assembly and are then released to go to Funtown.   Unfortunately I had to work, but Kevin, Mammy, Kenzie and Kaitlyn went.  It looks like Kaitlyn is taking after me in the ride department…

Her first ride was the log flume.  Kevin bought the ride photo, because the look of dread as she went down was priceless.  Kevin didn’t think she would go back on, but she got off and immediately ran back into line again.