Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Check-Up

Today we had our check-up.  Baby D has a strong heart beat and things seem to be going well.  I’ve felt some movement the past couple of weeks.  The big highlight for us was getting our list of appointments.  The ultrasound is scheduled for April 15.  So, provided Baby D cooperates we should find out whether we are having a boy or a girl then!  We are working on a cute way to announce the news to Kaitlyn and then we will release the the news to everyone else a day or two later.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We are back from vacation and we had a great time!  Before we left, Kaitlyn said she was most looking forward to going fishing.  After we got back, she said her favorite part was going to “Chinese’s (Chuck E. Cheese’s) and playing all of the games”.004

Kaitlyn was amazed that Grandma has bananas in her backyard!007

Finally fishing with her buddy, Loren…P2130277P2130280P2130281029

Kaitlyn and Aunt Bev…031

Kaitlyn and Loren having lunch at Metro Zoo…035

Kaitlyn and daddy watching the big turtles…P2130284

Kaitlyn’s not too sure about this feeding the giraffe thing!043

Taking a break and watching the elephants…053

Getting a ride from Aunt Bev!055

Another break with her buddy…057

Worn out!058

Lunch at Red Lobster001002

A visit from the baby ducks…007

Fishing with Uncle Robert012

Kaitlyn and Aunt Bev017

Kaitlyn and Oma019

Coloring with her buddy019

Embarkation Photoscan0001

Hanging out on the balcony waiting for the muster drill…P2150294P2150295

Now that Kaitlyn knows there is a baby in my belly, she is constantly rubbing and kissing it…P2150296

Dinner time!P2150298

Playing at Camp Carnival…scan0002

Carnival’s brand ambassador and head cruise director, John, was our cruise director on the British Isles cruise.  Kevin had sent him a message asking him a question and mentioning that we would be on this cruise.  He remembered Kaitlyn and said he would send her a little something…P2160303

John sent Mommy and Daddy some goodies too.  We packed the wine to bring home.  We’ll enjoy that after Baby Dickinson arrives!P2160304

Elegant Night photos…scan0003scan0009scan0010

Grand Turk gangway photo…                                    scan0004

Replica of John Glenn’s capsule…P2170308

The lighthouse and beach…                       P2170310P2170313P2170312

Curacao gangway photo…                         scan0006

Views of Curacao…P2190324P2190325P2190327

Excited for the dolphin show and the aquarium…P2190328P2190329P2190338P2190340

Time to head back to the ship…P2190345P2190346scan0007

Aruba gangway photo…                                          scan0008

Casibari rock formations…                       P2200352P2200355P2200356

The natural bridge collapsed several years ago, but a second smaller one remains.P2200362P2200360P2200366P2200368

Beach time!                                                          P2200380P2200381P2200383

Shopping downtown…P2200387


Kaitlyn was very excited for her special strawberry drink…P2220397


Playing at the ship’s water park…P2220401P2220404P2220408

Casual Photos…                                scan0011scan0012

Coming back from Camp Carnival’s good-bye party…P2220412

Feeding the birds at Aunt Bev’s and Uncle Phil’s house…005

We can’t wait for our next trip to Florida!