Monday, April 20, 2015

Worcester, MA Trip

As one of our season ticket holder perks this year, we received free tickets to the Pirates’ final regular season game in Worcester, MA.   

We opted to not ride on the fan bus, and drove down instead so I could have an early birthday meal at The Melting Pot.  I’ve been dying to go back, but there aren’t any locations near us.  Turns out, the day we were there, they were having a special princess event.  I snuck Kaitlyn’s tiara in my bag as a surprise for her.  Some people definitely went a bit overboard though.  A bunch of girls were in full on princess dresses and some woman was in the bathroom curling her kid’s hair.  Kaitlyn was excited to get her picture taken with Snow White.  Kaitlyn was also shocked that Snow White came all the way up from Florida.    P4191326

Kenzie’s first try at a big girl high chair.  We tried it when she was a bit too tired though.  There may or may not have been a head bump with the table.  No permanent damage though!P4191328P4191329

The Pirates made an amazing comeback and ended up winning.  We secured the final spot in the playoffs!  Looking forward to cheering them some more.  We need to have someone Photoshop the Pirates logo on this picture and then it would be perfect!IMG_20150419_164106_575

On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant for the girls.  The last time Kaitlyn was at the Rainforest CafĂ© she was a bit unsure, but this time she loved it!  Kenzie was enthralled too.  She’d missed her nap and was fighting to stay awake, but she couldn’t stop looking around.  She was too over awed to smile.P4201333P4201337P4201339P4201341P4201343

It was a long day!  Kenzie fell asleep playing with her new toy.P4201344

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Out and About

We’ve been pretty busy the past few days! 

Last Thursday, Kenzie had her 7 1/2 month growth check.  She is still on the tiny side… right around the 15th percentile at 15 pounds even.  While the doctor says he would’ve liked to see her put on more weight, he noted that her coloring is good and she seems to be a happy baby (except when he is sticking the tongue depressor in her mouth, Smile).   Her next check-up will be the normally scheduled 9 month.


Sunday was the annual Chocolate Lover’s Fling!  Last year, we found the awesome people that made our gender-reveal cupcakes.  This year, I think we found someone to make Kenzie’s first birthday cake/cupcakes. 

Afterwards, we met up with the girls and headed to the Pirates game.  The Season Ticket Holder party was after the game.  Kaitlyn was excited to get a picture with Brendan Shinnimin.  Ever since he gave her his game stick after the All-Star game he has been one of her favorites!


Today I took the day off of work.  The Kindergarten class had ‘their’ Mass today with some reading help from the 5th grade prayer partners.  Kaitlyn didn’t want to go up to the microphone, so she brought up the gifts.  She’s turning into a professional.  This is probably the 10th time or more she’s done it.


The Kindergarteners performed a song complete with hand motions.P4141322

The Kindergarteners, their prayer partners, and Monsignor after Mass.P4141325

I felt a little bad leaving Kaitlyn at school while Kevin, Kenzie, and I enjoyed a gorgeous day together.  It finally hit 70 today, so we went for a nice LONG walk.  There’s very few snow piles left!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  Our two little blessings gave us a wonderful gift this morning by sleeping in until 8! 

Kaitlyn had fun coloring eggs.  This year she picked the kit with the stickers and glitter.P4041278P4041279P4041282

Kenzie may not be big enough to color eggs, but she still got an egg an her own.P4041283P4041285P4041286

The Easter Bunny came!P4051292

Kenzie’s basket                    P4041289

Kaitlyn’s basketP4041290P4051297P4051298P4051299P4051300P4051302P4051304P4051305P4051306

Hunting for eggsP4051308P4051310P4051311

Go Pats!  Kenzie got a matching shirt.P4051312This one’s for Great Aunt Bev SmileP4051313

It’s been a long, but fun day…P4051314

PFD Awards

Yesterday was the Portland Fire Department’s Annual Award Ceremony.  We went because Kevin and several of his coworkers received an award.  Last August, Portland experienced unexpected severe flooding during a storm.  In a matter of minutes, hundreds of 9-1-1 calls came in and all police, fire, and ambulance units were dispatched.  It was a very challenging shift as calls continuously came in, but all units were busy. 

Some pictures of the flooding that night…PORTLAND, ME - AUGUST 13: Marginal way was flooded as seen from the intersection of Hanover St. after heavy rains on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. (Photo by Yoon S. Byun/Staff Photographer)August 13 2014 Portland Flooding 2

Kevin, Kaitlyn, and Kenzie after the awards ceremony.P4041277

Kevin’s plaqueP4041287P4041288