Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We’ve had a busy but fun Easter weekend.  It kicked off Friday night with a Pirates game.  They beat the Manchester Monarchs 6-3!

On Saturday, Kaitlyn skipped dance class in the morning and went over to our church instead.  We heard the Easter story, sang songs, and learned about the contents of a traditional Easter basket.   Then Monsignor Henchal blessed the kids’ Easter baskets before the egg hunt.Imported Photos 04304Imported Photos 04305Imported Photos 04307Imported Photos 04308Imported Photos 04309Imported Photos 04310Imported Photos 04311Imported Photos 04312Imported Photos 04314

After the egg hunt, we went down two Two Lights for lunch.  It was the Lobster Shack’s opening day.  It was great being there before all the tourists arrive for the season.  Parking was so much easier!  The lobster rolls were just as good as last year!  We can’t wait to go back…Imported Photos 04317Imported Photos 04318Imported Photos 04319Imported Photos 04323Imported Photos 04324Imported Photos 04325

Next we unfortunately had to take Kevin to work, but we went home and made a surprise Easter dessert for Kevin and Grammy.  I’m pretty impressed with the next picture.  I snapped it one handed while teaching Kaitlyn the fine art of using a Wilton cake decorating tip and piping bag to make “grass”!Imported Photos 04326

Kaitlyn is putting the “Easter Eggs” in the “grass”.  Some of the “eggs” are jelly beans and others are Hershey chocolate eggs.Imported Photos 04328Imported Photos 04329

All done!  Some will be coming in to work with me tomorrow.Imported Photos 04330

Next up was egg dying and decorating!Imported Photos 04331Imported Photos 04332Imported Photos 04333

After we were done decorating, Kaitlyn asked what we were going to do with the eggs.  I told her we were going to eat them.  Her response?  “Ewww. I don’t want to eat the stickers!”Imported Photos 04334

This morning we went to Mass.  Kaitlyn got lots of compliments on her dress.   I can’t believe how grown up she looks here!Imported Photos 04336Imported Photos 04337Imported Photos 04338

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church!Imported Photos 04335Imported Photos 04339Imported Photos 04343Imported Photos 04344Imported Photos 04345Imported Photos 04340Imported Photos 04342

Right now Kaitlyn is watching Cars 2 which the Easter Bunny brought her and looking pretty tired.  She will definitely be crashing soon.  Hope everyone else had a great Easter!  We sure did!

St. Patrick’s Day

After Mass, we attended the St. Patrick’s Day dinner at our church.  It was delicious!  During the dinner, they held a raffle for 3 prizes: two gift certificates to a local restaurant and a gorgeous scarf imported from Ireland.  Monsignor Henchal asked Kaitlyn to pull the raffle tickets.  He told everyone that they needed someone “innocent since he might cheat “ Smile

She couldn’t have done a better job.  Monsignor Paul won one of the restaurant gift certificates and Monsignor Henchal won the scarf!  He was kind enough to give me the scarf.

Kaitlyn won the fairy wings as a door prize.  2013-03-179512-59-4295673

Cancer Awareness Night

This year the Pirates hosted their first Cancer Awareness Night.  everyone was supposed to wear purple.  The fan wearing the most purple won a tour of the Pirates’ locker room.  We tried hard…  Kaitlyn was in purple from head to toe, but the kids that won actually colored their hair purple too…Imported Photos 04280

The players wore special purple jerseys…Imported Photos 04281Imported Photos 04282Imported Photos 04278Imported Photos 04279Imported Photos 04285Imported Photos 04286

Imported Photos 04283

Kaitlyn got a game puck from one of our favorite players this year, Joel Rechlicz (Recker)…Imported Photos 04284

Maine Restaurant Week

Every year Kevin and I try to go to about 3 restaurants for Maine Restaurant Week.  We try to mix up places we’ve been with places we haven’t.  For 10 days, participating restaurants offer specially priced 3 course meals.  Some of the restaurants also offer 2 course lunches.   The restaurants post their Restaurant Week menus online.  Each restaurant usually posts 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts on their menu.  Sometimes they are dishes the restaurant is known for and sometimes it is a special menu the restaurant has created exclusively for Restaurant Week.
This year we hit up Bucks Naked Barbecue in the Old Port first.  This was a new restaurant for us.  Kaitlyn loved it because they have a kids area to play in.Imported Photos 04272
Kevin and I both had the Thai Chili Shrimp for our appetizer.Imported Photos 04273
Kevin had the Half Rack of St. Louis Ribs with steak fries, cornbread, and baked beans for his entrée.Imported Photos 04274
I had the Smoked Prime Rib with hush puppies and a baked potato.Imported Photos 04275
For dessert we both had the Sweet Potato Pie.Imported Photos 04277

The next restaurant we chose was Dry Dock.  Again Kevin and I chose the same appetizer: Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Dipping Sauce.Imported Photos 04287
For his entrée Kevin selected the Sea Food Platter with Haddock, Clams, and Maine Shrimp served with French Fries.Imported Photos 04288
I had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon with artichoke hearts, olives, and lemon herb vinaigrette, and roasted potatoes.Imported Photos 04289
For dessert, Kevin had the Peanut Butter PieImported Photos 04291
I had the house made Chocolate Mousse.Imported Photos 04290

Next up was RiRas!  Kevin chose the Irish Potato Cake served with a savory sour cream and balsamic glaze.Imported Photos 04294
I chose the Whiskey Garlic Mussels.Imported Photos 04293
Kevin went traditional and chose the Fish n’ Chips for his entree.Imported Photos 04297
I chose the Beef n’ Guinness Stew.Imported Photos 04296
Kevin had the vanilla Crème Brule for dessert.Imported Photos 04301
I had the Flourless Chocolate Cake served with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.Imported Photos 04300

Finally we went back to Bucks for lunch one day…
Kevin and I both chose the Smoked Chili for our appetizer.Imported Photos 04302
For my entrée I chose the House Smoked Peppered Pastrami Sandwich with Potato Salad.Imported Photos 04303
And Kevin had the Cuban Sandwich with Baked Beans.Imported Photos 04348