Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Road Trip- Part 2

Kaitlyn was impressed by our hotel in Philadelphia... we were on the 26th floor!

We had dinner at our hotel the night we arrived. Of course we had to have cheese-steak!   Now that Kevin and I have tried both the famous cheese-steak places in Philly, we agree Genos is the winner!

Our first full day, we did many of the Independence National Park sites- starting with the Liberty Bell.

The ruins of the President's house which are now an archaeological site.

Kaitlyn takes her Jr. Ranger book seriously!  Here she is in the former House of Representatives.

 Independence Hall

The room in Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

We had lunch at City Tavern.  Kaitlyn loved the waiters in period clothing.  We tried biscuits made from Thomas Jefferson's favorite biscuit recipe. We had bread made from Martha Washington's recipe.  Kevin had a beer sampler- with beers from the recipes of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.  And for dessert, the chocolate mouse cake was made from Martha Washington's recipe.  Pretty cool to taste a small piece of history!

After lunch, Kaitlyn got sworn in as a Jr. Ranger and got her badge.  Then we headed back to the hotel so Kenzie could rest for awhile.  Right before we went out for the evening, she was still a little cranky.  Kaitlyn "rocked" her in the stroller, and a few minutes later Kenzie was sound asleep!

The park we met for our Ghost tour in had a statue representing the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Kaitlyn wanted us to take a picture of her doing the pose!

One of the parks the ghost tour stopped in had a bunch of lightning bugs.  Kenzie very clearly asked... "what's that?"  <3 p="">

The next day we continued our ghost theme with a visit to Eastern State Penitentiary.  Kaitlyn and I didn't see anything, but Kevin is more sensitive to the paranormal...  my hubby who never gets goose bumps, showed me the goose bumps and his arm hair standing up in one of the cell-blocks.  He also says he saw a shadow figure!!  I am so jealous!!

One of the exhibits was "Prisons Today".  Kevin enjoyed one of the books included.

Al Capone's cell

Planning my escape...

Next it was off to lunch at Jack's Firehouse.  The restaurant is in an old fire station.  Kaitlyn loved that they still had the fire pole!  Everything on the menu had a French or Cajun twist because it was Bastille Day.  I almost cried when they announced my favorite food as the special appetizer!  Kevin almost did too... but for an entirely different reason, hahaha!

After lunch we headed to the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site.  I might have a small Poe obsession that started in high school Honors English when I memorized The Raven to recite in class.  Most people picked the shortest option.  Not me.  I went for the longest one.  And, yes,  I memorized the whole.freaking.poem!  (It's LONG)!  Kaitlyn earned her Jr. Ranger badge!

Next up was the Betsy Ross House.  It isn't run by the National Parks, so no Jr. Ranger for Kaitlyn.  

The girls enjoyed their first Philadelphia Water Ice in the courtyard before we went in.

Betsy is looking pretty good for her age!

The next day, we visited the Museum of the American Revolution.  It was amazing!  So well done!   We would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Philadelphia.  The exhibit for Washington's War Tent was stunning!


We all tried out the replica of the "Rising Sun" chair from Independence Hall.

George Washington's sword.

The kids' interactive section was great too.  Even Kenzie could get in on the action!

Both girls enlisted!

Old City Hall housed the Supreme Court for several years.

Kaitlyn wanted to take a picture in front of this fountain because I have a picture of me there (from a visit several years ago)!

Quick picture in front of the "map" of Philadelphia before we headed home! 

On the way home, we stopped at one more National Park Site in Morristown, NJ.

Kaitlyn is, of course, hard at work on her Jr. Ranger badge!

Wick Farm... where the minions soldiers camped.

All in all, it was a great trip.  Sadly, though, we returned home to discover one of our fur babies passed away that day.  Stormy had respiratory issues when we rescued him last year, but his passing was still very unexpected.  He was wonderful with both girls and tolerated Kenzie's rough attempts at petting.  He is already missed very much!