Monday, October 7, 2013

Vacation Part 5- Kaitlyn

As you all know, Kaitlyn started Pre-K just a few days before we went on vacation.  Her teacher asked that Kaitlyn draw pictures of some of the things she saw and did to share with the class upon her return.  I think it came out very cute, so I took pictures of her drawings to share with you all…  Enjoy!


Westminster AbbeyPA050065

Buckingham PalacePA050066

One of the guards at the Tower of London/ Buckingham PalacePA050067

The Golden Carriage at the Royal MewsPA050068

The Map Room at the Churchill War RoomsPA050069

The London EyePA050070

The White Cliffs of DoverPA050071

The Carnival LegendPA050072

Kaitlyn getting her gold medal on stage at the Welcome Aboard show.PA050073

The bus we rode on for our tour of Liverpool and the Liver building.  The  circles with the sticks coming out of them on top of the building are supposed to be the liver bird statues that are on top of the building.PA050074

Glasgow CathedralPA050075

The Drum and Monkey (the pub where we had lunch in Glasgow)PA050076

The Book of  Kells at Trinity College in Dublin PA050077

The Wellington Monument in DublinPA050078

Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness.  The green blob on top of the water is supposed to be Nessie and apparently she thinks the “real deal” wears a hat like her stuffie because she drew Nessie wearing the red and yellow hat as well!PA050079

Edinburgh Castle.  The grey blob to the right of it is supposed to be the “Stone of Destiny”PA050080

One of the many fjords of Norway- obviously this was drawn based on a postcard!PA050081

The beach at Etretat, FrancePA050082

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vacation Part 4- Edinburgh, Fun Day at Sea, Stavanger, Fun Day at Sea, and Le Havre




One of the streets of Edinburgh100_1565

Mary Queen of Scots’ bath houseP9202083

Holyrood Palace100_1572P9202086P9202087

Edinburgh CastleP9202093P9202116

View of Edinburgh from the CastleP9202112

Scotland’s Crown jewels are kept here as well as the Stone of Destiny which Scottish Kings and Queens have used as their coronation seat for centuries.100_1589

Here’s Kaitlyn in the Palace at Edinburgh Castle.100_1592P9202106

The Chapel within Edinburgh Castle…P9202100P9202113P9202118P9202123

The Royal Mile… a mile of shops leading up the hill to Edinburgh Castle…P9202124

Watching tartan being woven…100_1595

Kaitlyn found a stuffed Nessie in one of the souvenir shops and fell in love.P9202121

Waiting to catch a tender back to the ship…P9202126

The Legend offshore and one of the lifeboats waiting to tender passengers back to her.P9202125

Kaitlyn and Nessie on one of the Legend’s lifeboats heading back to the ship.  Hopefully the only time we are ever in a lifeboat Smile


Snack  time on Lido!P9202131

Kaitlyn’s second casual photo…Kaitlyn 1

Camp Carnival’s face painting skills put me to shame!P9202135100_1606

Fun Day at Sea

More face art!P9212136

After 5 cruises we FINALLY got a towel monkey!!!P9212138

Second elegant night family photo…Formal 2

Pirate Kaitlyn.  She had so much fun at Camp carnival this cruise.  The staff was amazing as usual.  One of the ladies actually remembered us from the Pride nearly two years ago!  P9212139


Stavanger, Norway

Oh look, the story of our vacation…  RAIN!!!Stavanger

We took the Stavanger countryside tour.  First stop was this huge cave that had been turned into a restaurant/ conference area.  While we were there we got to sample the local pancakes, which are the same consistency as ours, just a little sweeter and are eaten with jam rather than syrup.  So good!100_1613P9222145P9222146P9222147

I thought they were creepy, but Kaitlyn wanted a picture with them…P9222149100_1619

We also visited a candle factory and their store.  100_1620

Pretty cool inside the store.  It’s built right up against the mountain.100_1621100_1622

Next stop… the scenic overlooks of the fjords.  Now picture all  the postcards and photos you’ve ever seen.  The clear blue skies, sparkling blue water, and green trees…  got that image?  Good!  Cause that’s the only way you are going to see it…  This is what we saw…P9222140 

And the forecast was 10% chance of rain…  P9222163

As you can tell, Kaitlyn is not thrilled we made her get off the bus in the rain!P9222165P9222167

Old Stavanger…P9222171P9222173P9222176

On the pier overlooking StavangerP9222179P9222180

After a chilly day out in the rain it was nice to sip a cup of hot chocolate on our balcony and look at the view of the city!P9222188

Views of Stavanger from the Lido deck.P9222182P9222189

Oh look, the story of our cruise…  15 minutes from departure and the sun starts to come out.100_1629

And as we are sailing away… the sun is completely out!P9222194 

One of Kaitlyn’s Camp Carnival activities.P9222199


Fun Day at Sea

We heard there was a surprise on Lido deck and when we got there we found that all the stateroom stewards had been very busy last night!  Every deck chair, the ground, the stage, and all around the pool had been overrun by…P9232201100_1637100_1646

Needless to say, Kaitlyn LOVED it.  She kept running around to look at all of them and she was a little sad when I explained that she couldn’t take a picture with all  of them!   So here she is with a few of her chosen favorites!100_1638100_1639100_1641

Kaitlyn at the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Party.  This cruise she actually had enough days cruised to get her own invitation rather than just tagging along with us.P9230002 

Got to love free alcoholic beverages!P9230003

What did I tell you all?  Sea Days= gorgeous, Port Days= not so muchP9230007


After we told our amazing stateroom steward Arnold how much Kaitlyn loved all the towel animals this morning, not only did he make the usual one for our bed…P9230004

he made two just for her bed!P9230005

The Fun Times left in our room that night, probably had the most accurate weather forecast of the entire cruise…100_1652

Le Havre, France

Finally some sun!Le Havre

Etretat, FranceP9240013P9240018100_1662P9240019P9240020P9240021P9240022100_1661100_1663

Kaitlyn wanted to touch the water.100_1665100_1669

On the road to Fecamp, France100_1670

Palais de la Bénédictine P9240025

Kaitlyn inside the Palais de la Bénédictine 100_1673

Me sampling the Benedictine liquor.  I’ll stick to my girly mixed drinks and Pumpkinhead!P9240033

Kaitlyn outside the bakery we found.100_1687

Kevin got to practice his french and order us some goodies!P9240034

Kaitlyn eating her ‘petite baguette’ on the bus.P9240035 

Kaitlyn talked Kevin into mini-golfing one more time!P9240041P9240036

View of Le Havre from the ship…P9240037

I’d say Kaitlyn needs a vacation from her vacation!P9250045

I hope you all have enjoyed the vacation photos.  I will have one more very special vacation blog coming soon…