Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vacation Part 3- Glasgow, Dublin, Fun Day at Sea, and Invergordon


GlasgowGlasgow Bagpiper

The oldest house in Glasgow.  It was built in the 1400s.Imported Photos 05026


Glasgow CathedralImported Photos 05027100_1422Imported Photos 05030

The Drum and Monkey where we had lunch…Imported Photos 05039

Kevin and Kaitlyn waiting for their fish and chips…Imported Photos 05035

Kevin and I both agreed Scotland seems to have better fish and chips than London!Imported Photos 05036Imported Photos 05037

Even Kaitlyn had fish and chips!Imported Photos 05038

“The Style Mile”Imported Photos 05042

Kaitlyn and I ready to shop on The Style Mile!Imported Photos 05040Imported Photos 05041

I got my made in Scotland 100% cashmere sweater and it’s purple!!Imported Photos 05045100_1428

The ship arranged for some local bagpipers and dancers to come on board for a show before we set sail.  It was awesome!Imported Photos 05048

Sailing away from Glasgow…Imported Photos 05050100_1429



You can’t tell in this picture, but Kaitlyn is wearing her Lucky Charms shirt in honor of our visit to Ireland!  I also think this was the only point during the day that it wasn’t raining here.Dublin

The Trinity College LibraryImported Photos 05057Imported Photos 05058Imported Photos 05059

St. Patrick’s Cathedral…  Can you spot Kevin and Kaitlyn?100_1467Imported Photos 05068

Kaitlyn “reading” about the Cathedral…100_1443100_1444Imported Photos 05061

The cushioned kneelers that are hanging off the backs of the chairs are all hand embroidered/ needlepoint done by people across Ireland.Imported Photos 05067

Time for some shopping!Imported Photos 05071

Kaitlyn loved riding on the double decker bus!100_1472

Back on board the ship Kevin had a Guinness to celebrate our day in Dublin.Imported Photos 05074

I may be in Europe, but I’m still a fruity mixed drink girl, so I’m enjoying a “Hurricane Wave”Imported Photos 05076


Fun Day at Sea

Camp Carnival was face-painting again!Imported Photos 05078

This guy turned that hunk of ice into the Indian in less than 10 minutes.  We’ve seen it done on past cruises, but it’s just as impressive every time!Imported Photos 05083Imported Photos 05085Imported Photos 05086

Checking out the Highlands of Scotland on our way up and around to the East coast.  100_1485Imported Photos 05087P9182000P9182001Imported Photos 05082100_1480P9182008100_1488P9182013P9182012

Every sea day, the ship’s dining room opened for tea time.  Kaitlyn was usually to busy at Camp Carnival to come with us, but she came on this day.  It pays to be cute, all the waiters kept bringing her sweets!P9182020

Beautiful night!  Seems like it never rained when we were at sea, but it poured rain in nearly every port!P9182027



Ready to go find Nessie!Invergordon

Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness…  I don’t think we captured any earth-shattering photographic evidence of Nessie, but if you see something let us know!P9192032P9192037P9192038P9192039P9192044P9192047P9192049P9192058P9192060100_1524100_1528100_1520

The town of Inverness100_1544

Scottish Sheep!100_1552

Kaitlyn mini-golfing on board100_1557P9192067

Last time I played mini-golf on the Legend I was pregnant.  Here’s a flashback!Cyndi playing minigolf on the Carnival Legend

It’s amazing the difference a few years makes!P9192068

Kaitlyn begged me to run around the jogging track with her and of course Kevin had to take a picture!  Kaitlyn “won” so she is celebrating.P9192073

View of Invergordon from the shipP9192070100_1559

They played on the pier as people returned to the ship and as we sailed away!P9192075

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