Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Day of School

Today was Kaitlyn's last day of second grade and her last day at Holy Cross.  After much thought, we have decided for several reasons to send Kaitlyn to the local public school next year.  We had an amazing tour of the school and Kaitlyn is rather excited, though she will miss her friends!

This morning, they had their last day of school prayer service in the gym (there was a funeral in the church).  Then there were donuts and drinks in the cafeteria.  And finally, they were released for the day for the end of year trip to Funtown!  I was so glad she ran into so many of her friends.  I got away with only riding a small handful of rides with her!  Obviously I am getting old because I would now rather watch than ride. Although I was a bit offended when Kaitlyn asked me if I could "handle going on the swings" with her. 

Sometimes I really can't believe how big Kenzie is getting.  It's easy to forget with all her delays what a big girl she actually becoming!

Sleepy girl!

Kenzie LOVED the carousel.  This was between rides 1 and 2.  I don't think she stopped smiling the entire time!

This weekend we were supposed to leave for our vow renewal cruise.  Unfortunately due to the unknowns with Kenzie's condition and at the recommendation of her lead doctor, we had to cancel our trip.  While we are disappointed, Kenzie's health is obviously the most important thing to us and we look forward to planning some small summer trips and maybe a trip to Florida/Disney late this year or early next.  Now I just have to find somewhere special to wear that dress I bought for the vow renewal...

Summer Fun

Now that summer is upon us our fun outings are picking up!  He's a few of the fun things we've done over the past few weeks...

Last year's event was extremely hot.  This year's was a bit chilly, rainy, and very muddy.  The girls still had lots of fun though!  One of the firefighters was one of  the paramedics who transported Kenzie to the hospital after her seizure a few weeks ago. He remembered her and commented on how much better she was looking.  Then he gave her a fire hat.

Lunch at DiMillos
I love Kenzie's mischievous, I'm gonna get into something looks!

Portland Science Center
The Portland Science Center's current exhibit is all about pirates.  Kaitlyn was so excited about it.  She's been really into Pirates since we started showing her the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 

The expression on Kenzie's face here is priceless! 

In other news, Kaitlyn will not be starting 3rd grade in the Fall.  She is more interested in becoming a pirate...

The girls touching gold coins...

Real pirate treasure!

Watching Wonder Woman!

Girl Scout Event at The Maine State Aquarium

Learning how to band lobsters...

Painting her own lobster buoy...

At one point soon after our arrival, Kevin lost his admission sticker.  He retraced his steps.  Looked all over the place.  Right before we left I found it...

No idea how it got on Kenzie in that spot, but I started giggling to myself in the bathroom while I was changing her diaper. Pretty sure a few people thought I was nuts, haha.