Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our 5th Anniversary

Thank you everyone for all of the cards and anniversary wishes.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years already!  We had a great day.  Kevin sent me some beautiful flowers at work…Imported Photos 03326Kaitlyn spent the evening running Grammy around while Kevin and I went out for a yummy dinner at The Grill Room.  I had the escargot for my appetizer and Kevin had shrimp.  For the main course I chose veal and Kevin had the sea scallops.  Then we took a nice walk around the Old Port.

The lady who made our amazing wedding cake is no longer in business, but Kevin had a local bakery make the same kind of cake (chocolate with raspberry filling) and decorate it with seashells.  Nothing will ever compare to our wedding cake, but this turned out pretty good!Imported Photos 03323 Imported Photos 03324

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

This year, we had a great time at home!  We had fun playing outside.  Kevin grilled steak and hotdogs.  Grammy made a yummy salad.  I made “Bears on the Beach” for dessert.

Imported Photos 03310 Imported Photos 03311  Imported Photos 03313 Imported Photos 03314  Imported Photos 03316Imported Photos 03320Imported Photos 03315 Imported Photos 03321Imported Photos 03318

“Bears at the Beach”Imported Photos 03307Imported Photos 03309


This was a sad trip as we had to say goodbye to Grampy.  However, we did have a few light-hearted moments.

Kaitlyn admiring some of the beautiful flowers that were sent…Imported Photos 03288

Kaitlyn was so well-behaved that she got her first Barbie as a special treat…Imported Photos 03291

We visited with Great Grammy…Imported Photos 03296

And we got a tour of the Caribou Fire Station!  

Kaitlyn driving the engine…Imported Photos 03297

I think she has a bit more growing to do before this fits…Imported Photos 03298

Checking out the ambulance… Imported Photos 03301

Checking out the antique fire truck… Imported Photos 03302

Oma, Opa, and Uncle Robert Visit

Kaitlyn loved spending time with Oma, Opa, and Uncle Robert.  She pretty much moved into the hotel with them for the week.Imported Photos 03264

Fort Williams ParkImported Photos 03265Imported Photos 03267 Thanks Uncle Robert for riding with Kaitlyn!Imported Photos 03268 Imported Photos 03270 Imported Photos 03274 Imported Photos 03287Imported Photos 03277 Imported Photos 03278 Imported Photos 03281

Old Port Festival


This year the weather for the Old Port Festival was amazing!  We had a ton of fun wandering around, checking out the craft booths, listening to the music, and eating lunch.  Of course, Kaitlyn loves the rides.  Although, there really weren’t many this year. 

 Imported Photos 03255 Imported Photos 03256 Imported Photos 03257 Imported Photos 03258 Imported Photos 03260 Imported Photos 03261 Imported Photos 03262

We’ll Miss You Grampy!

Kaitlyn (2 months old) and Wayne (Grampy Dickinson)Kaitlyn (3 months old) with Grampy DickinsonGrampy, Kevin and Kaitlyn (2 years old) on Father's DayGrampy and Kaitlyn (3 years old) hunting for Easter Eggs at Grammy and Grampy'sImported Photos 03201Imported Photos 03218Imported Photos 03219Imported Photos 03220

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