Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. Peter’s Italian Street Festival

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a street festival that one of the Catholic Churches downtown puts on every year. We started going 3 Years ago and have gone every year since. 100_0780

This year, Kaitlyn got her first taste of Cannoli… 100_0779100_0774

Then Kaitlyn got her face painted for the first time. It didn’t go quite so well. After she got her nose done, she wasn’t so sure about having a stranger so close to her face. She started pulling away and smearing it.


Right afterwards, not looking so happy….100_0784

After we got her back to the car, and wiped up a little she was a little happier and looked really cute.100_0791

My little kitty… 100_0790

Only 55 more days until the Pirates’ home opener! We can’t wait!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Florida Trip

Last week, we headed down to Florida to visit friends and family.  We had a great time!  While we were in Spring Hill, we decided to head up to Homosassa Springs since Kaitlyn loves animals…

100_0624  Kaitlyn and Daddy watching the manatees having lunch…100_0628 100_0631 100_0632   100_0669

Kaitlyn said “meow” to the real bob”cat”…100_0650 100_0651 100_0635 100_0641 100_0643 100_0645

Kaitlyn spent most of Sunday hanging out with Oma, Opa, and Uncle Robert while Mommy and Daddy went to Downtown Disney for lunch, a movie, and some shopping…

Having lunch at the House of Blues.  I had the blackend grouper and Kevin had the french dip sandwich.  Yummy!  100_0676 100_0682   We definitely have to take Kaitlyn to check out the toy store here!100_0696 100_0699

Monday, we went to Islands of Adventure since I just had to check out the Harry Potter stuff!

Kaitlyn and Kevin in front of Hogwarts….100_0701Oma and Opa in front of Hogwarts…100_0730 The three of us in front of Hogwarts…100_0721

Platform 9 3/4…100_0704  Having lunch at the 3 Broomsticks…100_0714 Kevin enjoying his butterbeer…100_0715Afterwards we bought some yummy treats at Honeydukes….100_0712My yummy cauldron cake from Honeydukes… 100_0716   Riding the carousel at Seuss Landing…100_0737 Even Oma got in on the “action”…100_0738 100_0750 100_0751

Tuesday was Uncle Robert’s 21st birthday (eek!) which means Mommy is getting old!


Wednesday we had to go home, but not before visiting Oma at work and Great Grandma and Grandpa…

 100_0765 100_0766100_0771