Sunday, June 1, 2014


Kevin recently was selected to go to a conference and it just happened to be at one of the Disney World hotels!  So we decided that Kaitlyn and I would tag along.  We only told her we were going to Florida though- we didn’t tell her she was going to be at Disney.  While Kevin was in his conference, Kaitlyn and I hung out with the family.

On Wednesday, Kaitlyn, Opa, Grandma, and I went to Sea World.  I had an epic case of pregnancy brain though.  I could swear that I had put the camera in my bag.  Nope…  Kevin checked during lunch.  Never unpacked it totally left it in the case, in his carryon bag.  So…  no pictures from Sea World.  Kaitlyn loved it though!  Things she is still talking about: the penguin exhibit was too cold for her, Shamu splashed her, the thunder was loud, and she loved the polar bear.  She is still sleeping with the stuffed polar bear that Opa bought for her.

Kaitlyn was also excited to sleep over Oma and Opa’s house that night.  I was excited too, since Kevin had tried turning our hotel room into a walk-in freezer the night before.

While there, she got to see some baby pictures of me.  Her verdict…  “Oma looks different” and “Opa looks weird”!

On Thursday, we went over to Spring Hill.  Uncle Robert had an appointment and then we were going to head up to the cemetery.  While in Spring Hill we got to have a short visit with Great Aunt Marybeth- although Kaitlyn decided to play shy.  We also had a quick lunch at Wendy’s.  After years of living with a crappy store up here it was almost a shock to go into one that was well-run.  I almost forgot how much fun it is to go into one where Opa is a “celebrity” Smile

Friday, was Kevin’s final day at his conference.  Since it was only a half day for him we had planned to go to the hotel pool in the morning, but Mother Nature had other plans.  So instead, we headed over to Downtown Disney.

This picture is all for Great Aunt Pam and Great Uncle Bill Smile


For lunch we went to House of Blues.  Baby Girl loves spicy foods and I REALLY wanted some jambalaya.  Of course, I thoughtfully texted a picture of it to Uncle Robert!  Kaitlyn and Opa loved their chocolate mousse!P5020439

After lunch we went and saw Rio 2 at the movies since it had decided to downpour again.  Then Kevin met up with us as we walked around a bit more and did some shopping.


Kaitlyn loves looking at pictures and she remembered Kevin and I have a picture in this exact spot, so of course she had to have one with Daddy too!P5020441

Back at the hotel that night, Kaitlyn was excited to find a “towel animal” on her bed!P5020442

Kaitlyn’s dessert of choice from the candy store?  A Minnie Mouse cookie!P5020444

Kaitlyn is a bit disappointed that the waffles I make don’t look like this!P5030447

Saturday, we headed off to the Magic Kingdom.  It was a bit drizzly all morning which kept the crowds down nicely.  We walked right on to almost all of the rides.  The only thing we had to wait in lines for was to meet the various princesses.  My only disappointment was the Haunted Mansion remained broken down all day, so I didn’t get to ride it.  Guess we will have to make another trip down soon!


It’s hard to believe the last time Kaitlyn was on It’s a Small World she was only 11 months old!  It will probably take another 4 1/2 years to get the song out of my head from this trip SmileP5030450

Kaitlyn and I on the Jungle Cruise.  She is wearing my Minnie ears from when I was little!P5030451

Lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern!P5030454 

Kaitlyn and I in front of Rapunzel’s Tower.P5030455

We went and met Rapunzel and Cinderella!P5030461P5030463

The line to meet Anna and Elsa was over 2 hours long.  Thankfully Kaitlyn was satisfied seeing them in the parade.P5030469P5030492

Princess ArielP5030494

Merida from BraveP5030496

At the end of the day, we asked Kaitlyn what her favorite ride was.  Her answer…  The Peoplemover in Tomorrowland!  After 12+ hours on my feet, I think I have to agree!P5030497

Dinner at Tony’sP5030500P5030501

Sunday we went to EPCOT.  It was a beautiful day, no rain at all!P5040513P5040519P5040520P5040525P5040538P5040542

Kevin stopped for a local drink in “Japan”, but we had lunch in “Germany” of course!P5040544

If it’s not messy, it’s probably not good!P5040560P5040561

Kaitlyn was a little scared of Goofy, so she wanted me in the picture with her.P5040562P5040563P5040566

Kaitlyn’s dessert at the Coral Reef Restaurant.  I almost felt bad about it being eaten, it was so cute!P5040567

By the time dinner was over, the park was closed.  It was kind of weird not seeing crowds everywhere!P5040569P5040571

On our last day, we went to Hollywood Studios.  It was another beautiful weather day!P5050581P5050583P5050601

Kaitlyn had a lot of fun playing at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.  She did NOT want to leave!P5050603P5050604P5050605

Yup, I would say she’s grown just a little bit…Kaitlyn (11 months) with Mommy at Hollywood StudiosP5050607P5050619

Much to Kevin’s delight they were celebrating Star Wars the day we were there.  It just so happened that the restaurant we had reservations at had a special meet and greet with the characters and the food was all Star Wars themed too.P5050620P5050621P5050623

Kaitlyn was also slightly scared of Donald. P5050628P5050627

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday money…  this is what you contributed towards buying me!P5050629