Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Just a few quick things to share that Kaitlyn is very proud of...

Every week Kaitlyn gets a list of spelling words and two "challenge" words which are extra credit.  A perfect score, including the challenge words is a 100++.  Last week was a review week.  The kids got to pick the words off of previous lists.  However, anyone who had perfect scores on all the tests so far didn't have to take the review test.  Instead, they got play time on the I-pads.  Kaitlyn was so excited to be one of only two kids that had all perfect tests.  This really was no small feat... some of her challenge words included deciduous and chrysalis.  Not gonna lie... I had to look up the definition of chrysalis!  She was so excited about this, she told me at least 3 times a day all week that she didn't have to take the test and was going to play on the I-pad!

Kaitlyn was also proud today when she got her ribbon and found out the results of her last cross country meet.  She had a new personal record...  1/2 mile in 5 minutes, 7 seconds! She shaved off 10 seconds from her previous best!


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