Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Every year I hate carving pumpkins...  I am not a fan of the mess or the bugs they attract.  This year I found a project on Pinterest... decorating pumpkins with glow in the dark puff paint.  It was perfect!  No mess... minimal work.  Just fun and a 24 hour drying time!

On Saturday, we went by the South Portland Police Department's open house.  They had tours of their "spooky" station, face painting, a haunted jail cell, Touch-A-Truck, and a dog demonstration.  I had hoped to dress Kenzie up in Kaitlyn's old Scooby Doo costume, but it became apparent that Kenzie is a wee bit taller than Kaitlyn was...

We tried soooo hard to get Kenzie to look up, but she was having none of it!  This was the best we could do...

Kenzie thought we were torturing her.  She was not a fan of the Scooby hood.

I was shocked that Kaitlyn picked a spider of all things... perhaps she is not Kevin's child after all, haha!

And this was the point where Kenzie was done with the hood...

Touch-A-Truck!  Kenzie was much happier once that darn hood came off!  However, now you can see how small the costume was on her.  I'm such a bad Mommy!

Everyone loved the dog demonstration.  The officer forgot to take his watch off and Saber bit right through the band!

 Getting ready to sniff out some drugs...

After a quick trip for a new costume that actually fits...  Princess Ana (Frozen) made her debut Sunday at the annual Trunk-or-Treat at Kaitlyn's school.  In true Kenzie form, Princess Ana refused to wear her head piece.

Kaitlyn liked the Spooky Playground!

This was Kenzie's favorite car!

Kevin and I took Halloween off, so we were able to go to the Halloween parade at Kaitlyn's school.  This is Kaitlyn and her prayer partner, Andrew.

Pre- Trick or Treating photos.  Off course the princess would not look at me per usual.  She also decided to make things even more challenging by constantly pushing over the pumpkin and rolling it away from her.

Kaitlyn really had fun with these pictures!  She was also very adamant that she is Hermione... not Harry Potter!

Time to Trick-or-Treat!

Kenzie looks possessed, but she was actually smiling!

Last stop of the night, Trick-or-Treating at Mammy's.  Kaitlyn wanted Daddy to wear his "Griffyndor shirt" so bad!  She was thrilled when he obliged...

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