Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

This morning, we headed into Portland for the parade.Imported Photos 01744

The Portland PD Color GuardImported Photos 01745

Portland PD command staff (our good friend, Bruce, is in the last row on the far end)…Imported Photos 01746

Slugger the Sea Dog is the mascot of Portland’s AA baseball team.  Kaitlyn has been talking about seeing Slugger and him waving all day.Imported Photos 01748

Engine 5 and Ladder 6 is behind itImported Photos 01750

After the Parade, we went over to the Police Department.  They were having a ceremony to unveil the memorial plaque for the Portland Police Officers that have died while on duty.Imported Photos 01754Imported Photos 01755

Then we headed to Fort Williams and the Portland Head Light    Imported Photos 01758 Imported Photos 01761 Imported Photos 01762Imported Photos 01763

Before dinner, Kaitlyn got to spend some time on the playgroundImported Photos 01765 Imported Photos 01764

For dinner, we had the traditional hamburgers and egg and potato salad.  I also made an angel food cake with whipped cream and berries. Imported Photos 01743

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