Sunday, June 12, 2011

Old Port Festival

Today we headed off to the Old Port Festival.  It kept to tradition, chilly and rainy.  I think its something like the last 10 of 12 years it has been cold and rainy.

When we first arrived, we started in the kiddie area.  We stopped at each ride and asked Kaitlyn if she was interested, but she wasn’t having any of it!  So, we kept walking.  Then we ran into Curious George, whom Kaitlyn loves.  Well, except for this time anyway.  I guess a man dressed as a life-size George is kind of creepy because when Kaitlyn looked up and saw him standing over her she let out a shrill scream that sent George running and probably rendered everyone in a 5 mile radius completely deaf.  My ears are still ringing.

Apparently Kaitlyn figured if she could survive a life-size George, she could survive anything.  She really loosened up after that and we checked out the old Engine 5, helped Daddy and the fire fighter put out a “fire”, rode the train, and then went on the swinging boat ride.  We topped it all off with lunch and an elephant ear, excuse me, fried dough for the northern folks…

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