Saturday, May 14, 2011

First (and Hopefully Last) Stitches

So, as many of you have probably heard, Kaitlyn fell while on the playground yesterday.  We took her to First Care which is usually the faster and cheaper alternative to the ER.  They told us she did need stitches, but they only do stitches on adults and sent us off to the ER.

Kaitlyn did awesome!  She screamed bloody murder when the wrapped her arms behind her back and swaddled her in a blanket, but she never did like being swaddled.  Even as a newborn she would cry and kick until she got that blanket off.  As soon as she was settled down on the bed though, she stopped crying and stopped moving.  The doctor and nurses were very impressed.  They said she was a rock star and would probably be a boxer when she grew up.  I told them all about her hockey obsession and they said that seems to fit her personality.  She ended up with two dissolving stitches inside her mouth and one on the outside.  We are supposed to go to her pediatrician Tuesday or Wednesday to have the outside stitch removed early for cosmetic reasons.  When she was done, she got a little bear to take home. 

Today, she is doing great.  She has a huge fat lip, but other than a lot of drool she isn’t letting it faze her at all.  And of course she’s getting ice cream.

Hopefully, this is her only set of stitches, but I have a feeling this is practice for future hockey injuries.   I’m sure she is going to hate me in a few years for these pictures…

 Imported Photos 01739 Imported Photos 01740 Imported Photos 01741

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