Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caribou/ Presque Isle

We recently returned from a short trip to Caribou to visit with Great Grammy and Aunt Cassandra.  While we were there, we also hit up the corn maze and Kaitlyn and Kevin went swimming.

It’s amazing the difference two years makes!  In the first picture Kaitlyn was 10 months old and just starting to stand up on her own…Kaitlyn (10 months)Imported Photos 02531

Jumping around in the hotel room… Imported Photos 02532

Swimming in the hotel pool…  Imported Photos 02537

Putting out the “fire” with her “fire hose”…Imported Photos 02538Still putting out the fire… Imported Photos 02539

Grammy, Great Grammy, Kevin, and KaitlynImported Photos 02546

The  theme of this year’s corn maze was the University of Maine.  It was cut into the shape of the mascot: the black bear.  Imported Photos 02540 Imported Photos 02541  Imported Photos 02543

Kaitlyn found one of the “school supplies” hidden in the maze…Imported Photos 02544

Made it out without having to call 9-1-1 (If you didn’t see the news story on the people lost in the corn maze, Google it)…Imported Photos 02545

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