Monday, July 22, 2013

The Yarmouth Clam Festival

Imported Photos 04627

Kaitlyn asked for the “ponycorn” face painting.  She said she wanted lots of colors on it. Imported Photos 04625Imported Photos 04626

Me enjoying my lime rickey.  The “other” reason to come to the Festival!  I’d already had the clams for lunch Smile

Imported Photos 04654

Ride time!  Of course it’s not as much fun without Uncle Robert and Loren as ride partners!Imported Photos 04652Imported Photos 04653

Kaitlyn begged to go on the swings.  She just barely made it on!  She was maybe an 1/8” over the minimum height.  She’s lucky she’s so tall!Imported Photos 04649Imported Photos 04650

Miss Giggles…Imported Photos 04648Imported Photos 04646

My little fire fighter!Imported Photos 04644Imported Photos 04643Imported Photos 04642

Kaitlyn and this little girl became fast friends.  They met on one ride and ended up on line for this one together.  They held hands while boarding and sat together.Imported Photos 04641Imported Photos 04640Imported Photos 04638Imported Photos 04636Imported Photos 04635Imported Photos 04634

When asked what her favorite ride was, Kaitlyn said the bouncy house…Imported Photos 04631

Ice cream time!Imported Photos 04656Imported Photos 04655

Kaitlyn got this really cute wand from one of the craft booths.Imported Photos 04657

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