Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Day Out

A couple weeks ago, we took Kaitlyn mini-golfing.  Although it’s been a few months, she still cheats Smile!

Imported Photos 04676

Imported Photos 04677Imported Photos 04678Imported Photos 04679

This was right before my hole in one!Imported Photos 04680Imported Photos 04682Imported Photos 04683Imported Photos 04684Imported Photos 04686

Ice cream afterwards!Imported Photos 04689

Later that night, we went to the annual street fair at St. Peter’s.  We’ve been going since before Kaitlyn was born! 

I swear this slice of pizza was about the size of her head and she finished all but 2 or 3 bites!Imported Photos 04690

Making Sand Art together!  She picked the colors and squeezed them in.  I made sure she didn’t drop the bottle!Imported Photos 04692

All done!Imported Photos 04694

Kaitlyn’s favorite part every year…  the Bouncy house!Imported Photos 04696Imported Photos 04695Imported Photos 04700

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