Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Funtown/ Splashtown

We had some free passes for Funtown/ Splashtown so we took Kaitlyn the other weekend.  She loved it! Besides the typical kiddie rides, she decided she wanted to try some bigger rides.  So despite my loathing of the bumper cars, I took her on them.  I still have the huge bruise on my knee to prove it.  She also wanted to try the Tilt-o-Whirl.  Yeah, she liked that for about 2 seconds.  I spent the entire ride telling her it was ok, it was almost over, close your eyes if you don’t like it… all the while holding her close and praying she wasn’t feeling sick.  Turns out it doesn’t make her sick she just doesn’t like how fast it goes.  Upside…  the Tilt-o-Whirl meant I didn’t have to ride the teacups with her Smile!

Imported Photos 04705Imported Photos 04706Imported Photos 04707Imported Photos 04708Imported Photos 04710Imported Photos 04713Kaitlyn was not a fan of this ride either.  In fact, she just told me as I put this picture up  “I don’t like that ride!”Imported Photos 04714Imported Photos 04716Imported Photos 04719Imported Photos 04720

Let me just say…  the water was a tad chilly here!Imported Photos 04721Imported Photos 04723In case you can’t tell Kaitlyn is cold!

Imported Photos 04724Kaitlyn also played the “pick a duck” carnival game.  Figured for two bucks it wasn’t bad since everyone was guaranteed a prize, even if it was just the rubber duck.  Not Kaitlyn though…  she won the big prize!

Imported Photos 04726Imported Photos 04730

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