Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going into the last month....

So another doctors appointment today. Kaitlyn is still very healthy and doing well, but the pregnancy is starting to take a toll on Cyndi. The doctor wants Cyndi to start thinking about not going to work and going onto some bed rest. We have managed to stave that off for at least another week, with the promise that Cyndi's work is not strenuous and that she can put her feet up. We had some lab work done today, because Cyndi's blood pressure is slightly elevated, we'll know more about that next week. With that being said we are now going to the doctor weekly for the duration. Later this week we will be going to pick up the last large piece of the nursery, the dresser/changing table combo. Lets hope that I can fit it in the trunk and that I can put it together quickly. Really working hard to get the baby's room mostly ready this week, just in case. Now that the baby is considered full term, pretty much anything could happen between now and the "expected" due date.

So during this time, we'll be taking it easy on weekends, Cyndi will be leaving work early here and there, and generally just waiting. We will post again after next weeks appointment, and if the big day comes unexpectedly I will post some short blogs from the hospital (luckily they have wi fi). Alright, that's it for now. Hope all is well with everybody.

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