Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Checking In

Hello all, must apologize for not posting for almost a month. We had another check up with the doctor last week, which went well as always. Only mystery is they are now saying Cyndi is one week further along than we thought. Something to ponder. Anyways we are far enough along now where we are going to be going to the doctor every two weeks. So the next appointment is on October 14th I believe. Today we are going to the pediatricians office to pick out a doctor for Kaitlyn.

Something else we did last week was explore daycare, something we'll definitely need. We took a look at The Toddle Inn in South Portland, and it was much better than even I expected to find. Immediately upon walking inside, everything is very clean and a very nice neutral clean odor. The whole building including all the rooms, hallways, and outside are monitored by video cameras, and you need a key code to get through the front door. The rooms in the building are split up by age, and Kaitlyn wold be starting in the 6 weeks to 6 months room. When we saw it, there were 8 babies in the room all being very quiet just bouncing around in swings and what not. In the next room, starting at 6 months, they have their own outside area with infant swings. Almost all of the age groups have a play area outside designed for their age group, and all of these outside play areas are separated by fencing. There is also an indoor gym, with age appropriate equipment inside. Once Kaitlyn grows older she'll be able to participate in different programs that the Toddle Inn offers, such as dancing classes, and starting at age 3 they offer field trips. It's a very nice place and during the day you can come and go as you please to visit with your child. We believe that we've decided on bringing Kaitlyn here, so we've got the packet of information to fill out and bring back to them to reserve her spot. Well that's pretty much it for now, there will be another post within the next day or so about the pediatrician!

Hope all is well with everybody, think fall! The leaves are changing fast here now, and before you know it winter will be knocking at our doors. The best part, as I remind everybody, is that less than 3 months to Christmas, which will be extra special this year for obvious reasons!

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