Monday, October 6, 2008


Hello all just wanted to leave a quick update for everybody. We met with a pediatrician last week for the prenatal visit, and everything went well. The doctor was very nice, and explained the whole process to us starting from the hospital going through the first two years of Kaitlyn's life. The doctor will visit with us every day Cyndi is in the hospital following birth, and probably best yet is that the pediatrics office is getting ready to move to a brand new building in downtown Portland so not only will it be a new space but there will be new equipment as well. Also nice that they have separate waiting rooms for sick and healthy children. So that was reassuring. Cyndi is doing well, dealing with Kaitlyn's kicking and pushing. We will be touring the birth center at Maine Medical Center next week, along with our next appointment at the baby doctor. Well again hope all is well with everyone, and hope everyone is enjoying fall!


SGiles said...

Hey guys!!! Who did you pick for your Ped???

Cyndi and Kevin said...

Our pediatrician is Dr. Foster out at Intermed.

plwendel said...

Hi you two and 1/2. We love reading your postings - the daycare sounds great! Excellent security and age appropriate programs. We are sure Kaitlin is going to love it there!
Love, Aunt Pam, Uncle Bill & Brandon

plwendel said...

Well I certainly think the daycare sounds great - excellent security and age appropriate programs. It sounds like Kaitlin will be well taken care of. Keep on postin', we love to see what's going on.
Love, Aunt Pam, Uncle Bill & Brandon