Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting closer

Hello all!

We had another appointment yesterday, and first off the good news is that all the lab results came back normal, with no apparent problems. Kaitlyn is still very healthy and doing well, her heartbeat is very strong and she is as active as ever. Cyndi is going to have to start shaving her work hours a little bit, and possibly take at least a few days off a week. On the other side of things, the doctor said that she would like to see us get to 38 weeks (which is 2 weeks from now). We're not sure if that means the doctor is thinking of speeding the process along a little bit or not. Either way, the doctor said we wouldn't have to worry about Kaitlyn going past her due date. With that being said, it won't be long now. Cyndi has a baby shower at work on Friday, so we're hoping to get those last odds and ends we need in preparation for Kaitlyn's arrival. Look for another blog around that time, we'll try to get some pictures up. Hope everyone is doing well and voted yesterday, and for those who have been wondering, no it hasn't snowed here yet. :)

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