Monday, June 6, 2016

Mother's Day Races

I've been running off and on for the past few years, but I've always been too big of a wuss to sign up for an actual race.  Kevin apparently got tired of listening to me say "someday I will do the Sea Dog's Mother's Day 5K", because he came home one day a few months back and told me he signed me up for it.  After I got over the fact that I would have to start my running season earlier (in the cold!), I got pretty excited about it!

Slugger and his mom kicking off the race...

We thought Kaitlyn would like the kids Fun Run before hand, so we signed her up for that.  She loved it! She got to hang out with Slugger and his mom.  She got her own race bib, t-shirt, and medal.  Her race ran around the track of the stadium next door and then into Hadlock Field where it ended at home plate.  She loved her medal so much, she wore it all day... even to the movies when she went to see Captain America Civil War.

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