Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bermuda Cruise

I am finally getting around to the Bermuda blog!  We got a much needed new laptop, so I don't have to worry about the old one crashing mid-blog and we finally got the professional pictures scanned in.

Happy to be back on board The Pride and showing Mammy and Aunt Cassandra around!

Formal Night...

Ready to explore Bermuda!

Kaitlyn loved feeding the fish on our sunset glass bottom boat tour.  I was going to help Kenzie feed them too, but she thought the bread was for her to eat!

We opened the door and Kenzie decided she wanted to explore and took off crawling down the hall...

The next day, we continued exploring the Royal Navy Dockyard and went to the National Museum.

Kenzie was not happy to be wearing her sun hat!

Kenzie enjoyed crawling around outside.   Then she ate some grass...

Our photographer for the girls' casual photos was great.  He was so patient with them.  I loved how they came out!

That night we went to the 80s show in the Theater.  For the pre-show entertainment, they were running around the audience with a video camera and putting the guests up on the big screen with silly captions.  Of course, Kenzie made it up.  Her caption was "Danger is My Middle Name".  Kenzie Danger Dickinson kind of has a nice ring to it!

The next morning we went to the Dr. Seuss Breakfast.

Waterworks and mini golf on the ship are always a favorite.

On our last night, we had to get some more casual photos of the girls from our favorite photographer!  The first one was a blooper where Kenzie started to clap, but it looked so much like Supergirl taking off, we just had to have it!

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