Monday, August 31, 2015

Kenzie’s 1st Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Kenzie’s 1st Birthday!  We bought her a special birthday outfit to make up for all the Kaitlyn hand me downs she’s going to be wearing throughout her lifeSmile.  We had lunch and birthday cake at Red Robin with Mammy and our good friends Paul and Michelle. 

We opened all of Kenzie’s awesome presents.  Unlike Kaitlyn at that age, Kenzie really got into the wrapping paper and peeling it off on her own.  I only had to help get it started.  With Kaitlyn I ended up opening the presents pretty much all by myself.

After that, I threw down some newspaper and let Kenzie have at her smash cake.  I knew I wanted something animal themed, since I had an animal cake for my baby shower.  Kenzie loved the cake.  She kind of cautiously put her hands in the cake at first.  Then carefully examined her hands.  She didn’t try to eat any of it until Kevin gave her a bite of it.  Then she started sucking her thumb loudly.  I thought she was going to gnaw that thumb right off!  Eventually she realized she had icing on the other hand and tried to stuff her entire fist in her mouth.  Once she was done and I commented that I needed to get her cleaned off Kaitlyn told me “good luck”.  Kenzie did look like a little green monster!


Today was Kenzie’s 1 year check up.  She did gain some weight and has FINALLY doubled her birth weight.  She is now 17.5 lbs which puts her in the 16th percentile (up from 11th percentile at 9 months).  She is a whopping 29 inches long which is the 41st percentile.  Her head circumference is 16.8 inches.  This is only the 6th percentile.  Because her head circumference is so small and as her doctor commented we (including Kaitlyn) had larger heads (thanks, I think?), he has referred Kenzie to a pediatric neurologist.  It doesn’t sound like he believes anything is really wrong, but with her smaller head size and slightly slower mobility it’s a safe rather than sorry thing.  We aren’t really worried right now.  We just think she is a small baby who would rather be cuddling than crawling, but your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.  Of course we will keep everyone in the loop and let you all know when we hear anything.  Her 15 month check up will be in November.

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