Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation- Part 2 (Embarkation, Fun Day at Sea)

This morning was cruise day!  We could see the port from our hotel room, but the funnel was hidden from view so Kaitlyn had no idea there was a Carnival ship in port.  As we drove to the port and she saw the funnel, she got very excited and said she couldn’t wait to tell Mammy she saw a Carnival ship.  As we got even closer she asked if we were going on.  Mean parents that we are, we had her convinced that we had paid to attend a special lunch on board and they were just storing our bags for us before we could check in to a different hotel that afternoon before the ship left.


We boarded the ship and headed up to Lido for our traditional lunch…  Rueben sandwiches and a “Funship Special” for Kevin and I.  After lunch we went to our room and gave Kaitlyn her stuffed Freddy which we had secretly packed and kept hidden.  Freddy has sailed with Kaitlyn on every cruise, so she knows when he appears we are going somewhere.  We had messed with her head so much on the way to the ship though, she asked for clarification that we really were cruising on the ship.  Once we assured her we were on the ship for a week and we were going to Alaska, her eyes lit up and she ran over to give us big hugs. 

Enjoying my Funship Special on the balcony before we leave…`P8181602P8181603

Our state room steward, Jose, made us a Mommy and Baby seal our first night.  As you can imagine, Kenzie became the ship-board celebrity.P8181606

Just one of the many reasons we love cruising…P8181609

Dinner in the Truffles Dining Room…FishermanFisherman 2

The next day was a Fun Day at Sea.  We took it pretty easy.  Kaitlyn spent some time at Camp Carnival where one of the employees recognized her from a previous cruise a few years back!

We also met one of the photographers onboard.  He scheduled us for a photo shoot with him.  He explained the type that we usually do with the backgrounds are more of a point and shoot.  They are more rushed because there are other people lined up to take the photo after you.  However, he books 45 minute sessions and takes you to locations around the ship.  Since his time is completely devoted to you, he can take time to make sure the baby is looking in the right direction, smiling, etc.  The session itself is completely free and you are under no obligation to buy any of the photos.  I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t have any good ones because Kenzie had been teething and very clinging recently.  In fact, my little Daddy’s Girl went through her “I Only Want Mommy” phase on this vacation!

Anyway, I needn’t have worried because the pictures came out AMAZING.  Unfortunately, they are also crazy expensive!  The cheapest package was over $500 and the most expensive was over $5,000.  The beautiful photo book that he created was $999 by itself and only contained about half the photos he took!  We ended up signing to release our photos so he can use them promotionally.  So, if you are ever on a Carnival Cruise check out the Dreams Studio table… you just may see us!  We also picked out several of our favorite photos from the session (no easy task- we loved them all!) and they are below for your viewing pleasure as well…

Prof 1Prof 5Prof 8Prof 6Prof 7Prof 3

Prof 4Prof 2


That evening was elegant night, so we kept on our snazzy clothes and took one of those point and shoot photos…

FormalTruffles 1Truffles 2

met the ships officers… including the Captain!P8191613

One of my favorite moments, was when one of the officers noticed the large birth mark on the back of Kenzie’s head.  He told us that in his culture a birthmark in a location like that (not visible- her hair is starting to grow over it) is very lucky, so she will have lots of luck for her whole life!

Kenzie’s favorite place to sleep was the balcony.  You’ll see several more pictures of her sleeping…P8191617

Towel Animal of the Night…P8191614

On Kaitlyn’s first cruise she won a stuffed Funship Freddy.  Ever since, he has come on every cruise with her.  No other ship we have ever been on has held such a raffle, so we knew we would have to buy one for Kenzie.  P8191618The Freddys sold in the gift shop are smaller than Kaitlyn’s.  Kevin had the bright idea to hide it from Kaitlyn (she was at Camp Carnival when we bought it) and tell her that her Freddy had a baby, hahaha.  The resulting conversation went something like this…

[Kaitlyn comes out of the bathroom the following morning]

Kevin: Oh my God, Freddy had a baby!         

Kaitlyn: Huh?

Kevin: Freddy had a baby!

Kaitlyn: Seriously?

[Kaitlyn apparently continues to think things through and we go to breakfast.  At breakfast she announces:]

Kaitlyn:  Freddy did not have a baby.  His tummy did not get big and I didn’t see it happen (just for clarification she did NOT actually watch her sister being born either).


Up next…  Tracy Arm Fjord and Skagway, Alaska!

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