Wednesday, September 2, 2015

1st Day of School

I’m not sure who was more excited about the first day of school…  Kaitlyn or Mommy and DaddySmile!  Kaitlyn is excited to have moved up a floor and to have a desk instead of tables this year. 

Other things Kaitlyn mentioned about her first day

  • “I saw the note in my lunchbox.  It was sweet” (I put a ‘have a good day at school’ note and cookies in her lunchbox as a surprise)
  • She has gym twice a week this year
  • She read with her reading buddy (apparently they read with stuffed animals in class)
  • She learned about plants- they grow with seeds, sun, and water
  • She held Snowball the Magic stuffie and told the class about her vacation.  Apparently, if you hold Snowball you are allowed to talk.  If you are not holding Snowball you are quiet and listening to whomever is talking.  She told the class she went on Carnival and saw a whale tail.  Of course, she did not mention the part where she went to Alaska.

P9021906P9021907P9021908P90219091st Day of School1st Day of School 2

Kevin, Kenzie, and I got cornered by the principal for a family photo for the school Facebook page.1st Day of School 4

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