Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kaitlyn’s First Visit to the Dentist

Today was Kaitlyn’s first visit to the dentist.  She did awesome!  She loved wearing the sunglasses they gave her for the bright light.   She opened her mouth immediately when the hygienist and the dentist asked her to.  She thought the brushing “tickled”.  When the hygienist asked her how old she was, she answered “3”.  She also answered 3 when she was told they were going to count her teeth and asked how many teeth she thought she had.  She chose grape flavored toothpaste and bubblegum flavored fluoride.  She doesn’t have any cavities, but she does have a cross bite.  So, the great word “orthodontist” was mentioned for down the road.  She was told she was a great patient and got to pick out two prizes when we left.  She also picked out a Pooh toothbrush for home.

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