Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holidays At Hadlock

This year, the Sea Dogs hosted their first annual Holidays at Hadlock.  They opened up Hadlock Field for horse and carriage rides.  There was hot chocolate and cookies.  We made smores and ornaments out of game used baseballs.  And Santa arrived by helicopter.  Best of all, it was all free!

Roasting marshmallows for smores…Imported Photos 02629 Imported Photos 02630

Making ornaments out of game used baseballs…Imported Photos 02631 Imported Photos 02632 Imported Photos 02633 Imported Photos 02634 Imported Photos 02635 Imported Photos 02650

Waiting for Santa to arrive…Imported Photos 02636

Slugger waiting for Santa…Imported Photos 02643

Santa arriving…Imported Photos 02637 Imported Photos 02638 Imported Photos 02639 Imported Photos 02640 Imported Photos 02641

Watching Santa arrive…Imported Photos 02642  Imported Photos 02644

Kevin works with Santa’s “elf”.  We told Kaitlyn, see the elf knows Daddy’s name so Santa really knows whether you are being naughty or nice…Imported Photos 02645

Santa greeting all the kids after his arrival.  Kaitlyn is still talking about Santa telling her she had a nice hat and pretty eyes…  Imported Photos 02647

Hopefully they’ll do this again next year.  It was a lot of fun!

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