Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall Baking Projects

Those of you who know me well, know I can’t cook at all.  But I do love to bake.  All those apples we picked a couple of months ago, here are a few of the projects that came out of them… 

Apple Streusel MuffinsImported Photos 02512

Cinnamon Apple Whoopie PiesImported Photos 02513

Apple ButterImported Photos 02514

Apple Pie (it’s hard to tell in the picture, but those are ghost cutouts on the pie for Halloween) Imported Photos 02515  

I made a few other things as well, like homemade applesauce and apple bread, but I forgot to take pictures of those.  I’m now well into pumpkin themed projects.  So far, work has gotten some of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and I made pumpkin mousse cups. 

I also have a recipe from SeaWorld's face book  page of all places for pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon frosting that I made for Thanksgiving...

Imported Photos 02622


Let the Christmas Cookie Baking begin…

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