Sunday, January 24, 2010

AHL All-Star Skills Competition and Game

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re big hockey fans!  When we found out the AHL (American Hockey League) was hosting the annual All-Star Game in Portland we knew we had to go!

The All-Star Competition selects the best up-and coming AHL players for the skills competition the first night and the game the next night.  One team is all the players born in Canada (Team Canada) and the other is players born anywhere else in the world (Planet USA).  This year, three of the Pirates players were selected.  Nathan Gerbe and Mike Weber played for Planet USA and Tyler Ennis played for Canada.  Gerbe and Ennis have already been called up to the NHL play a few games for the Buffalo Sabers this year.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they are there for good!

So, the first night was the skills competition.  Team Canada won 18-12.  New AHL records were set for the fastest skate and the fastest slap shot.

Nearly all of the mascots from the 29 AHL teams were there and almost all of them came to visit Kaitlyn.  We don’t have any pictures of her with them.  She liked them… from afar.  Apparently they are scary up close, even if they were just trying to play peek-a-boo with her!   She burst into tears once, tried to hide behind me a few times, and stared warily at the rest.

Warming up before the competition…Imported Photos 00668 Imported Photos 00670Imported Photos 00672


Kaitlyn and I watching the Skills Competition…

Imported Photos 00673


All of the All-Stars in their team jerseys…

Imported Photos 00674

Tyler Ennis signing autographs…

Imported Photos 00675

Kevin and Kaitlyn with the Calder Cup (the AHL’s version of the Stanley Cup)

Imported Photos 00676


The next night was the actual game.  Team Canada won 10-9 in a shootout.  It was the quietest game I have ever been to.  No penalties, no boarding, and no fights.  During the intermission, the mascots took to the ice for their own hockey game!


Kaitlyn and I rocking our pig-tails at the game…

  Imported Photos 00679

Planet USA during the National Anthem…

Imported Photos 00677

The mascots during their hockey game (the green parrot in the middle is Crackers, one of the Pirates’ mascots)…

Imported Photos 00680  Imported Photos 00683     

Team Canada after they won…

Imported Photos 00685

Both teams after the game…

Imported Photos 00692

At the Awards Ceremony after the game, Tyler Ennis was named MVP!  Go Pirates!!!

Imported Photos 00689

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