Monday, February 15, 2010

15 Month Check-Up

Kaitlyn was supposed to have her 15 month check-up Tuesday (tomorrow), but she had been showing the same symptoms she had with her ear-infection last month so we decided to move her appointment up a few days.

Kaitlyn is now 22 pounds (43 %tile) and 30.75 inches long/tall (61st %tile).  Unfortunately, she did have another double ear infection, so she’s back on antibiotics.  She also didn’t get her shot since she had a fever.  We’ll be heading back to the doctor’s in two weeks so he can check her ears and give her the shot she missed. 

In other Kaitlyn news…  She is getting  more teeth.  Her pre-molars are coming in now.  Much to my dismay, she has discovered how to pick her nose and she tries to go after mine and Kevin’s as well.   Her newest words are cat or as she says “at” and “go”.  She is still determined to not say “mama”.  I think she’s doing it on purpose to drive me nuts.  She has also started to sass me.  I told her “shhhh” in church the other day and she shushed me right back!

Valentine’s Day photos coming soon…

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