Friday, January 1, 2010

Boston Trip

Wednesday we headed down to Boston for Kaitlyn’s first Bruins game (it was her first trip to Boston too).  I was brave and actually drove rather than taking the train or bus.  I was a little worried that I’d have a stress-induced heart attack driving down there, but it wasn’t too bad.  We got down there late morning and parked the car at our hotel.  Then hoped the T over to the Museum of Science.  Kaitlyn loved looking at everything, but we were mainly there for the Harry Potter Exhibition.  It is a temporary exhibit and it’s only there until February.  They had a ton of props from the movies like Harry’s broom, the Tri-Wizard Tournament cup, Ron and Harry’s trunks, their beds from the dormitories, and costumes worn by all the characters.  Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed, but it was a very cool exhibit!

That evening we headed over to the TD Garden for the Bruins game.  We would have preferred going to the Winter Classic today, but we had a ton of fun just the same!  Kaitlyn’s always a hit whenever we go to hockey games.  She loves them, so she bounces up and down, claps, waves to the players and anyone who will make eye contact with her.  I have a bit of a thing for Zdeno Chara, #33.  Kevin knows he’s my “boyfriend” (Mom, you’d like him to0, he’s from Slovakia.  He’s actually been picked for the Slovak Olympic Hockey Team!).  I made it my mission to make sure I got a couple of pictures of him. 

They played the Atlanta Thrashers and won 4-0!

It took a lot of work to get this picture!

Imported Photos 00652

Most of them turned out like this…

Imported Photos 00651  Imported Photos 00656 Imported Photos 00655  Imported Photos 00653    005  007

Tuukka Rask, the goalie, was named one of the three stars of the game.  Each of the “stars” gave away their game stick to one of the kids in the audience.Imported Photos 00657

On Friday, rather than heading straight home, we went over to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  Then headed over to the North End for cannolis from Mike’s Pastry.  Yum!

Here’s me and Kaitlyn walking over to the North End.  The bridge way in the distance behind us is part of the infamous Big Dig.  The park to our right and behind us is part of the greenway that was created after the elevated interstate was knocked down.  I-93 is now a big tunnel under us.  The TD Garden is to the left of the bridge back there too…

Imported Photos 00659 

Here’s Kevin and Kaitlyn with the Old North Church (of one if by land, two if by sea fame) behind them.  As you can see, Kaitlyn was still tired from the game the night before.  It had also just started snowing so that was our cue to start heading back to Portland.

Imported Photos 00660

We got back to Portland that afternoon and headed over to the Portland Pirates game.  We lost (boo)!  But they had a pretty cool indoor fireworks display following the game for the kids.  Kaitlyn loved it!  Afterwards we headed over to On the Border for Kevin’s birthday dinner.  Kaitlyn was definitely worn out.  She slept until 10 this morning!

Happy New Year!

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