Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kenzie’s Neurology Appointment

Today was Kenzie’s neurology appointment.  The doctor agreed that Kenzie’s head circumference is small and she is behind in her milestones.  After observing Kenzie on the floor, checking her eyes, etc., the doctor did not see any immediately concerning problems.  She does not want to give Kenzie an MRI immediately because at Kenzie’s age that would require putting Kenzie under anesthesia.  So Kenzie has been referred back to physical therapy.  This time she will be going for about 3 months and working on her gross motor skills rather than concentrating on her neck.  We will go back to the neurologist in March to re-evaluate.  If Kenzie hasn’t made progress with her milestones, she will consider running other tests, such as the MRI. 

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