Sunday, November 8, 2015


Kaitlyn wasn’t sure what she wanted to be this year.  She finally decided a few days before trunk-or-treating at school that she would be Princess Merida from Brave.  Kenzie was Cookie Monster.  Her costume was so adorable…  when she would shake her head the eyes would light up and flash. 

The day of Halloween, however, Kaitlyn decided she did not want to be Princess Merida anymore.  She wanted to be Elsa again.  So we broke out last year’s costume. Before trick-or-treating, we went to the Pirates game.  Kaitlyn loved getting to wear her costume to the game and Cookie Monster had to have some cookie!

We had a great night for trick-or-treating.  After a stop at Grammy’s, the girl’s pumpkins were already half full.  It was a pretty warm night out too.  I didn’t need a coat and Kaitlyn only needed a light jacket.  It would be great if we have the same weather next year!


Preparations for Kaitlyn’s birthday are now in full swing.  Last year she told me what kind of cake theme she wanted.  This year I am surprising her.  I can’t wait til she sees it!

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