Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day.  We had a nice day, but a busy one…P5251389

Kaitlyn and a bunch of the Girl Scouts walked in our town’s parade this morning.  I was busy ironing on the last of her petal patches last night.  That’s right…  no more sewing.  Everything is iron on these days!P5251392

Waiting for Kaitlyn to go by…  Kenzie was fascinated by the lights on the police motorcycles…P5251397P5251398P5251399

More flashing lights!P5251400

The parade ended at the Veterans Home and they had a small ceremony there.P5251401P5251402P5251405P5251406 

The parade wore Kenzie out.  She passed out on our bed before we headed off to our next stop of the day:  The Sea Dogs game!P5251407P5251409P5251410

Kevin made a yummy dinner with a small assist from Kaitlyn and I.  I put together a salad.  Kevin made burgers with grilled mushrooms and steak sauce and red hot dogs.  Kaitlyn made star-shaped brownies with icing and sprinkles.  P5251411

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