Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kaitlyn’s Recital

The yearly professional shot…Kaitlyn Ballet

Ready for dress rehearsal…P5031357P5031358

We aren’t allowed to take photos during the recital, but we got some during dress rehearsal!  We were also able to get her dances on video.  I will have Kevin download those over the next few weeks.  No promises as we sometimes aren’t able  to get videos to upload on here, but if we can we will try to put them up later this month.

Here’s Kaitlyn doing this year’s tap dance.P5071362P5071363P5071364

Time for her jazz dance…P5071365P5071366P5071367

And finally ballet!P5071368

They usually post the professional photos online for viewing and purchase.  When we get the details on that we will send out an e-mail on how to view those.

Recital day…  She did so good!  Hard to believe this is the same little girl who would stand on stage and not move during her daycare and pre-K concerts!P5091369P5091370

Kaitlyn and one of her teachers…  She’s had dance class with Miss Miranda for 3 years now!  P5091371

Kaitlyn and her recital flowers…P5091375

Kaitlyn was so exhausted she fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Miss I-Hate-To-Nap/ My-Worst-Nightmare-Is-Boredom also begged to lay down as soon as we got inside.  That alone made suffering through doing her hair and make-up worth it!

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